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Courts of the Week, October 5

Check out this week’s Courts of the Week, where we see an homage to an old NBA franchise, some love to Space Jam, and much more.


Another week, another list of great courts being brought your way by the NBA LIVE community! When you’re able to change everything from logos to colors and even the floor design, it gives a host of different options for gamers to choose from. You can be as creative as you want and make something that represents you, something personal, or you can even go ahead and pay homage to other teams or players as we’ve seen in weeks past.

This week, we’re highlighting five different courts that do all of these – if you have a court that should be featured here, be sure to upload it to Twitter and grab our attention! You might be able to see it in next week’s installment of Courts of the Week.

Let’s start with something topical – much of the buzz around the NBA world lately has been LeBron bringing a new layer to showtime in Los Angeles. While it may not be the same kind of showtime Magic and Kareem brought to the Lakers back in the day, LeBron is definitely part of Hollywood’s showtime with the announcement of Space Jam’s remake. @Choice_Bars took to NBA LIVE 19 to go ahead and recreate a court dedicated to the original baller who beat the Monstars, Michael Jordan, in his own rendition of the Space Jam court.

I was looking to do a couple old school references today! Below, we have a remake of the Cincinnati Royals’ court – the very same one which saw one of the greats, Oscar Robertson, put up big numbers. The Royals were created in 1957 and lasted in Cincinnati till 1972. During this era, they had guys like Robertson, Jerry Lucas, Maurice Stokes, and more who were each all-star caliber players. Unfortunately, as time went on, the franchise was moved over to Sacramento where they took over as the Sacramento Kings. All things considered, it’s nice to see a forgotten past brought back up by @NBALIVEMovement with this court!

Now, look – I’m from the west coast and even have Los Angeles tattooed on me but I spent some time living in New York City and have to give it up for @Jonacyde’s Beast Coast Coliseum. He’s showing his coast and city some love. Shoutout to BK!

Creativity is at an all-time high with @iceman0623’s court here – and he really dug into the D.C. vs. Marvel fight. Also, Sub-Zero and Scorpion? I see the Mortal Kombat reference you got there!

I love deals and @TheEmpireGamer threw me a two-for-one with the Elite Caliber League (ECL) and the Elite Caliber Developmental. There are some differences between the two courts but, what’s really cool to me, is how they found a way to create their own custom look for both of these courts while still differentiating them. 

Keep submitting those courts. The more you submit, the higher the chance you’ll have to be featured in a Courts of the Week article. Just be sure to get our attention and make something unique!

- Rahul Lal (Follow Rahul on Twitter @rlal95)

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