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Introducing Underground Rivals - Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits

Since Need for Speed No Limits’ launch in October 2015, we’ve seen the game evolve to cement its position as the premier mobile arcade racing game. From Kelly’s Chop Shop through to Blackridge Rivals, NFSNL has changed a lot over the years, and, starting next month, we’re set to take our next step!

In our September update, we’re introducing a brand new multi-tiered competitive feature in Need for Speed No Limits called Underground Rivals. To share the news, Josh Hayles-Jenkins, lead designer on Need for Speed No Limits, has all the information.


You may have heard some sneaky rumors that this is the last season of Blackridge Rivals. This is true! The team has been reading your feedback and considering how we could grow competitive play in NFS No Limits. We realized that the current system is not doing the best job it can, while also taking advantage of the whole garage. With this in mind, shutting down Blackridge Rivals was necessary to make room for something new.

Without further ado, here’s your first proper look at Underground Rivals!

What is Underground Rivals?

Your number one question will no doubt be: How is Underground Rivals different to Blackridge Rivals? Blackridge Rivals focused on one giant, long-term where you compete in your best car. This meant all the lit new cars from Special Events and Crates didn’t get much attention, unless they happened to be that new BEST car. Underground Rivals is changing this in a few ways:


There are now three divisions of increasing car power. They are divided into low, medium and high/max PR. For each division, there will be a full competition with matchmaking and prizes for players who own the eligible cars. Divisions aren’t exclusive either - if you have all three cars, you can race and claim prizes in all three competitions. You can still win prizes and glory in your fastest cars, but you will also need the combined power of your whole garage to claw your way to become the true King of the Underground.

Weekly Events

Underground Rivals events will run weekly, as opposed to one per update in Blackridge Rivals. These weekly events run across twelve weeks, looping after the final week. Each Event has three divisions, with three cars in each. Over these twelve weeks, all cars get a shot to tear it up. Across the 12 weeks, your scores will combine into your Underground Score, which determines who reigns as King of the Underground.


While Blackridge Rivals focused on participation, Underground Rivals has shifted its focus to competition and winning, raising the stakes higher than ever before. The new rewards structure has more prizes, per division, per week! There’s a lot more to go for.


Each weekly event will showcase a different track region. Expect to race on Novato Bay runs for a week, then Downtown runs for a week, Blackridge Mountain, Redcrest Canyon and so forth. This mix will provide fresh tracks often, while providing time to perfect your racing lines, and chase down those personal bests. To celebrate the launch of Underground Rivals, we’re debuting a brand new track called Erwick County, which will be featured in the very first weekly event!

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your commitment to NFS No Limits and thank you in advance for getting stuck into Underground Rivals. Our team reads all your comments and feedback online on Twitter, Reddit, Google+, and any other spots our players come together. It really helps us to keep making this the best game it can be!

Thank you!


Have questions about Underground Rivals or anything else NFS No Limits? Josh will be joining JDodd on the NFSNL subreddit to help share direct insights from the team!

We really think this is one of our best updates yet, and we can’t wait to hear what you all think!

Download Need for Speed No Limits for free* here!

Be sure to follow Need for Speed™ No Limits on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

*Includes in-app purchases. Network fees may apply.


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