Build Your Sims Legacy On The Go With The Sims Mobile, Coming Soon!

SimGuru SarahJen

Electronic Arts and Maxis are super excited to announce that we are soft launching a brand-new mobile game we've been working on, The Sims™ Mobile! It is currently soft launching in Brazil exclusively, as we begin testing our game mechanics to prep for our global launch. 

We have spent a long time working to make The Sims Mobile a game that you will absolutely love. We have also made sure to include many of your favourite features from The Sims and The Sims FreePlay, ranging from the ability to create incredible Sims and make whoever you want, and the tools needed to create and decorate an amazing house and many awesome venues, to the ability to experience wonderful relationships, and travel to different neighbourhoods to actively engage in a variety of awesome careers and fulfilling hobbies.

While The Sims FreePlay has produced an amazing 5 years of content, and will continue to do so alongside The Sims Mobile for Simmers everywhere to enjoy, The Sims Mobile is a fun addition to the The Sims family where you can let your creativity run wild by crafting your story, building your legacy, and ultimately, playing with life!

Create Amazing Sims
Being able to create a very customised and unique Sim is core to every The Sims experience. In The Sims Mobile, we’ve worked hard to deliver a high quality Create-A-Sim that our Simmers will love! From the width of the nose to the arch of a brow, every detail can be customised. And don't forget to outfit your Sims with sleek styles, cool hair, and trendy accessories. Finally, top off their look with glamorous makeup to create your dream Sim.

Build A Fantastic Home
In The Sims Mobile, your home is your base. It is where you collect and show off your heirlooms, career rewards, and personal impeccable style choices. Build the home of your Sim's dreams by shaping the rooms, placing windows and doors, and experimenting with colour and light. Play with shades of paint, wallpaper, or exposed brick to create an environment in which your Sims will flourish. Finish it off with some expertly placed furnishings and decor and BAM, you've got a house that will be the envy of all your neighbours!

Shape Your Sims' Legacy
Building on the great foundation of The Sims, The Sims Mobile focused on a number of key innovations; the first is your Sims' legacy. This is an idea we got from you, our wonderful Simmers! The Sims Mobile is a generational game; your Sims have life goals to achieve, and the more they complete during their lifetimes the better the quality of the heirloom they will leave behind when they retire. Heirlooms open up a world of possibilities for future generations of Sims - like new careers, new hobbies, excellent perks for both you and your Sims, and many other super fun opportunities.

Play Together
Another key innovation is playing with friends – the ability to share and add to the experience of creating a legacy with people who love The Sims as much as you do. Parties are an important part of the game and you can choose to attend parties with your real life friends! You can even develop relationships with other people’s Sims and have them eventually move in and live with your Sim. The type of relationship remains private so you can tell whatever story you like, what is shared is the relationship progress – so a friend might be telling a love story with your Sim, but you may be telling the story that our Sims are enemies. There is so much fun to be had at parties!

We are so excited to be able to finally get this into players’ hands! As we mentioned, we are starting with Brazil, but will be coming soon to many other places around the world. Check out www.thesims.com/mobile to be kept up-to-date and learn more about The Sims Mobile.

Be sure to let us know what you think in our The Sims Mobile forum! We can’t wait to hear from all of you.

Happy Simming!

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