Meet Saumya

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Title: Player Engagement Manager

Organization: Worldwide Studios

Location: Hyderabad



I got my start in the games industry as a Game Master for an MMORPG I played and loved in college. I had just graduated with a degree in physics and this was an unexpected but not unwelcome detour. At first I thought I'd give it a year or two before continuing with my plan to study astrophysics. An incredible 9 years later, I'm grateful to still be around - and have 2 years with EA under my belt! Talk about living the dream!

Getting Your Start with EA

I was hired in late July 2012 with Playfish Games as a designer for The Sims Social. At the time I was freelancing as a voice artist and writer, but when a company like EA invites you to join them... Let's just say it was an offer I couldn't refuse! I've since shifted roles to community management for EA Mobile, handling a number of different titles over the past year.

Working at EA

Working at EA is challenging in the best of ways. Keeping pace with an industry that is ever-evolving and can be mercurial, you need a razor-sharp mind and the ability to think on your feet. You're surrounded by fantastic, talented people with a wealth of knowledge and experience. There is not one person on my team whom I don't admire and learn from. It would be intimidating if they weren't so supportive and willing to share.

EA’s Impact

For me, the biggest impact has come from EA's global reach. My team includes people from 3 continents (and hopefully more soon), I've had the opportunity to meet with colleagues from US, UK, and Australia, and have traveled for work to London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The opportunity to learn and grow that this provides is unparalleled.

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