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Tips on Traversal in Anthem

Learn how to master jumping, flying, swimming, and more in your javelin.

Arekkz gives you an overview of traversal in Anthem and the different ways in which you’ll explore this vast and dangerous world.

You may feel like you know your way around the world of Anthem by foot, but you’ll soon realize that you can pass through the same areas at different altitudes and find new items – as well as new beasts. The key to unlocking the world’s numerous layers comes only from the powerful javelins Freelancers use to venture outside the walls of Fort Tarsis.

Each javelin boasts unique movements and abilities, so it requires a specific mastery of javelin traversal not only to navigate the world but to also emerge triumphant during battle.



Your javelin’s propulsion system takes you beyond just a simple leap. You might be eager to take to the skies, but make sure you don’t miss what’s waiting for you in the middle-ground, which can be reached with just a little extra boost. Use your javelin to jump across lava-filled crevices or scale cliffs ledge by ledge.

Since each javelin moves differently, you’ll need to master the nuances of jumping in each suit:

  • The Ranger javelin can double-jump to leap over obstacles or quickly take the high ground against enemies
  • The Interceptor javelin is incredibly agile and capable of a triple jump
  • The Storm javelin uses its seals to float even higher during its jump to get into perfect position to hover over the battlefield
  • The Colossus javelin can engage its main thruster to rocket into the air when it jumps and gets an extra boost on the double jump



The verticality of the world is what makes it so intriguing, but so much of it is out of reach for those who are limited to keeping both feet on the ground. Once you suit up in your javelin, the world quickly opens up, and you’ll be able to take to the seemingly-endless skies. Flying is not just fun, but also mission-critical as essential items are scattered throughout the sky.

Flight allows for more than just exploration and collecting – it also is important for combat. During battle, the most advanced Freelancers will know how to use flight to reach different vantage points to take down enemies and coordinate high-damage attacks with their teammates.

While each javelin handles differently, they all fly at the same speed, so you don’t need to worry about the Colossus lagging behind on missions. The nimbler javelins will be appropriately more maneuverable.



Unfortunately, you can’t fly forever so skill is involved for those who pilot the javelins. Each suit is equipped with jets that allow it to sustain flight for a set amount of time before overheating causes them to shut down. Once they shut down, you fall out of the sky and you’ll have to wait a while to be able to take flight again.

This is when you must use the world to your advantage. You can stay airborne by descending rapidly or using a source of water to cool down the jets. If you have time before your jets overheat, seek out waterfalls or dive into bodies of water for a quick cool down. You can even skim the water to cool your jets and then quickly gain altitude to get back into battle



Your javelin is capable of stopping in mid-flight or mid-jump to hover in place. This provides tactical advantages during combat, such as getting better positioning or observing the battlefield as you and your team plan for your next strike. You can fire your weapons or use (most of) your gear from hover so you can engage enemies without having to touch down.

All javelins can hover, but if you find that you deal more damage from a hover state, you may want to select the Storm javelin for your next adventure. You won’t overheat nearly as quickly with the Storm, allowing it to hover for longer, which you can use to your advantage.



While you’re sprinting across the terrain or jetting through the skies above, keep in mind that enemies and loot are not just in front or above you, but may be below. The bodies of water around the world don’t just contribute to the aesthetics – they also house underwater passageways critical for navigating your way through a mission. The beauty of swimming lies in the exploration it allows those who are feeling extra adventurous. You may discover new areas or a few underwater treasures easily missed if you were to only explore the world by flight.

The javelin is capable of being completely submerged while still operating its jets. Since the suit is completely surrounded by water when it swims, there is no need to worry about overheating.


Defensive Maneuvers

Strategy starts when you select the javelin that best matches your playstyle. Your javelin performs a defensive ability that allows it to block or evade damage, but each javelin moves differently, allowing you to engage in combat in different ways.

It’s up to you to master how you use each defensive ability but start becoming familiar with the move that’s unique to each javelin:

  • The Ranger can perform a quick dash maneuver
  • The Interceptor can perform a triple dash, allowing it to dash in to attack an enemy and then dash back out
  • The Storm can teleport a short distance to evade enemies
  • The Colossus can raise a shield that blocks incoming damage.


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