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Anthem Cataclysm Basic Tips

Learn about everything from how the scoring system works to getting your hands on the best new weapons.

MoonLiteWolf takes you through the basics of Anthem’s challenging new Cataclysm content. Discover how to boost your score, gain the most rewards, why teamwork is so vital to success, and more.

Getting Started

What is a Cataclysm? It’s a limited-time event requiring practice, exploration, teamwork, and communication. To enter the event just select the “Cataclysm” option on the Game Modes menu. Once you fly into the storm your javelin will be buffeted by intense winds, flying debris, and even lightning strikes. You’ll also notice a new bar at the top of your screen that quickly diminishes every second you remain out in the fierce weather. It’s your Stability Bar and as it depletes your health will soon follow.

To avoid damage within the Cataclysm, look for small shielded areas where you’ll be protected from the storm, or for glowing balls of light (rifts that generally appear in the center of an arena) which can be destroyed to stabilize the area.

You’ll also be able to encounter Cataclysm-related events while in Freeplay (the mode where you can freely roam through the world of Anthem). Look for a new icon that will appear on your map and select to track it. Look for a location nearby with the symbol of a purple beacon, these are anomalies, special events that spawn every 20 minutes throughout the map. Teleport to the closest strider to check out the anomaly before it closes. If you arrive early just look to the right side of your screen for an indicator reading “Storm Gate Opens in:”, that’s how much time you have before you can enter.

Once the gate opens, you’ll have less than a minute to dive inside and start the event, so don’t hesitate, Freelancer. Inside you’ll be given specific tasks that will have you battling enemies and completing objectives (like destroying crystals) before the anomaly destabilizes.

Each anomaly consists of three waves, and when you’ve successfully completed each one, you’ll unlock a chest brimming with loot.

Scoring System

The phrase “Strong alone, stronger together” definitely applies as you’ll be facing brutal new enemies, complex puzzles, and (of course) the fury of the Cataclysm itself. A strong squad of Freelancers with a good strategy will see their scores skyrocket – and survive long enough to face the Dominion’s tough leader, Vara.

Almost everything you do and every decision you make in the Cataclysm can affect your score. You’ll earn points for enemy kills, solving puzzles, completing bonus challenges and more. And there are ways to boost your scores even higher. For example, the longer you spend out in the storm, the more your score will be boosted. Of course, those points will come at the cost of damage to your javelin, so weigh your options carefully. 

New Currency

Now that you understand a little more about the scoring system and how to maximize yours, you may be wondering why it’s important. There’s an added in-game currency available for you to collect and spend during the Cataclysm season – Major Crystals and Minor Crystals. The higher your score, the more Crystals you’ll earn.

  • Minor Crystals are a currency you earn through playing and are used to purchase Major Crystals, War Chests, and vanity items.
  • Major Crystals are earned as mission and challenge rewards and used to purchase War Chests and vanity items.

War Chests contain all the non-vanity items you can unlock during the Cataclysm including exclusive, higher power-level gear and weapons.

New Weapons

You’ll be able to acquire nine exotic weapons at certain points throughout the Cataclysm event, ranging from savage Blade Slingers to charged-up Volt Casters:

  1. Bad Omen
  2. Flashfire
  3. Grave Digger
  4. Jarra's Wrath
  5. Lightning Rod
  6. Rain Maker
  7. Razorwing
  8. Riza's Ripper
  9. Shard Storm

Whether you’re calling down the heavens’ wrath with Lightning Rod or tearing enemies apart with Riza’s Ripper, these powerful weapons provide the firepower needed to take on almost anything the Cataclysm can throw at you.

Want to find out more so you can really unleash your power? Read our Everything You Need to Know: Cataclysm guide and check out the Cataclysm Advanced Tips tutorial.

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