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Apex Legends Plays of the Week – March 8

Grenades are a Legend’s best friend. See why (and more) in our latest top plays from Apex Legends!

There are a lot of good lessons to be learned from this week’s top plays: a well placed frag can go a long way. Watch your back if you’re hanging out on the wrong side of the Ring. Always be a gentlemen. Check out this week’s top plays below to see for yourself!

Our players have pulled off some incredible things, and they’re too good not to share. Tag us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for a chance to see your play here.

ProudTunaYT knows the golden rule: Always Be ‘Nading. It’ll get you far in the arena.    

Don’t dally too long outside the Ring, children. They say Skadoodle lurks there, just out of sight.

QuarterJade has a care package for you, but you’re not going to like what’s inside. (Spoiler: It’s a grenade.)

PSN-xsXex shows us what you get when you combine a roller coaster with a shooting gallery.

The reload animation made this feel so much more badass! from r/apexlegends

JoshOG is a gentleman. He’ll make it a fair fight.

Got an amazing Apex story? Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance to see your play here.


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