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Graphics Comparison

The original was perfect. We made it more perfect.

Burnout Paradise™ Remastered

Even ten years later, Burnout Paradise stands as one of the greatest arcade racing games ever. Full of breakneck racing and show-stopping crashes, it’s got everything you could want – with the exception of modern graphics. That’s why the teams at Criterion and Stellar set out to make a remaster. Not a reimagining, a remake, or a reboot – a remaster.

So, let’s get down to it and show off some of the slick new improvements.

When you peel out in Burnout Paradise Remastered, you’ll see smoke effects and tire tracks so lifelike you’ll practically smell the burnt rubber. It’s the perfect way to scuff up those dramatically improved ground textures.

Even Paradise City’s graffiti artists have upped their game for the remaster. Fantastic work, guys.

See more Burnout Paradise Remastered graphics.

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