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Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

Out now
on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC
Out now

Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

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Need for Speed FAQ

Q) What is the name of the game?
A) Need for Speed

Q) What platforms does it release on?
A) PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Origin.

Q) When does it release?
A) The game is released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 3rd in North America and November 5th Worldwide. The PC version will be released in Spring 2016.

Q) Is it Open World?
A) Yes, Need for Speed is set in a rich open world with approximately twice the amount of drivable roads than NFS Rivals.

Q) What is the world called?
A) The world of Need for Speed is set in Ventura Bay.

Q) How big is the world?
A) Ventura Bay has approximately twice the amount of drivable roads than Need for Speed Rivals.

Q) At what time of day does the game take place?
A) Need for Speed takes place between dusk and dawn. Ride the night streets of Ventura Bay when urban car culture lives and breathes.

Q) Is there a storyline?
A) Yes, there are five individual and overlapping threads that revolve around the icons and the Five Ways to Play; Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. Find out more about the Five Ways to Play here.

Q) Who are the icons?
A) Magnus Walker (Speed), Ken Block (Style), Nakai-san (Build), Risky Devil (Crew) and Morohoshi-san (Outlaw). Find out more about them here.

Q) Can we customize a car?
A) Yes, you can customize the visual look of your ride, install performance upgrades, tune your handling and apply a wrap. Head over to the customisation hub for all the details.

Q) Will my favorite car be in the game?
A) Head on over to the customisation hub for all the latest cars that await you in Ventura Bay.

Q) Are all the cars unlocked from the start?
A) All the cars are available to purchase from the beginning, you just need to earn the cash to afford them.

Q) Will the game have split screen?
A) We wanted to maximise the visual fidelity of the game with the focus given to the full screen experience.

Q) Can I switch off the Dynamic “drift” Camera?
A) Yes, this is just one of the camera options in the game. Choose between bumper, bonnet, chase, far chase and dynamic cameras.

Q) Can I pre-order the game?
A) Yes, head on over to for the details, or check at your favourite retailer.

Q) What are the pre-order incentives?
A) Styling and Performance packs, take a look at for all the details on pre-orders.

Q) Will I be able to get a physical copy of the Deluxe Edition?
A) Physical versions of the Deluxe Edition will only be available in USA. Elsewhere it will be digital-only.

Q) Will the BMW M3 E46 only be available with the Deluxe Edition?
A) In the Deluxe Edition the M3 E46 will be one of your starter cars, but you can unlock it (including the wraps) in the normal way through regular gameplay.

Q) Why is Need for Speed only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
A) Developing the game for the new generation of consoles allows us to fully focus on delivering the best experience possible for our fans. The extra horsepower of the newer consoles is allowing us to build the ultimate Need for Speed experience.

Q) What engine is the game using?
A) The game is being developed on Frostbite.

Q) Do I need to be connected to the internet at all times?
A) You will need a persistent internet connection, as Need for Speed is committed to being a live service so we can deliver an ongoing experience that is constantly changing and evolving. We will include free content updates and challenges as an ever-present ways for you to earn rewards and continually explore the game.

Q) Do I have to play with others or can I play on my own?
A) You'll also have the choice of solo mode, with just you exploring Ventura Bay alongside AI drivers.

Q) I don't have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, can I still play single player without it?
A) Yes you can. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold will not be required for single player. But as per any multiplayer experience on console, you will require an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Q) Will there be a Beta?
A) We will be undertaking a closed beta on PS4 and Xbox One in the coming weeks to help us test our server infrastructure to help prepare for launch. You can sign up for a chance to participate in the Closed Beta here.

Q) Will there be paid DLC?
A) We plan to release a series of free content updates for Need for Speed. We currently have no plans for any paid DLC.

Q) Will there be micro transactions?
A) There will be no micro transactions.

Q) Will there be manual transmission / split screen / wheel support?
A) There are many features that people are asking for, these are among many things that we are investigating.

Q) What was the reasoning behind the PC version being moved?
A) We moved the PC version in order to deliver an experience complete with unlocked frame rate. Find out more here.

Q) What frame rate will the game run on consoles?
A) For any driving game a steady frame rate is incredibly important, and with Need for Speed we’re delivering super high production values when it comes to both visuals and sound – as can be seen in our pre-alpha footage of the game. We always look to maximize the game technology with the platform technology for the experience we’re building, which is why the game will run at 30fps on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. By doing this we ensure that your gameplay experience remains incredibly smooth and allows you to experience the high speed, adrenaline fuelled gameplay that you’ve come to expect from the Need for Speed series.

Q) Can you play as the police?
A) There will be cops in Ventura Bay but you will not be able to play as them.

Q) Any news on the soundtrack?
A) We’ll be detailing all the info on the soundtrack shortly, keep your eyes on our social channels and the website for all the latest news.

Q) How many cars can we own at any one time?
A) We believe in creating a bond and relationship with your cars. It's about finding a ride and taking it from stock, to stock plus awesome through some of the deepest customization in Need for Speed history. You will have a five car garage - if you fill all your spaces, you can chose to sell and purchase a new car, or continue to max out your current ride through the extensive performance upgrades available to you so you can take on anyone on the streets.

Q) How do I follow the latest Need for Speed news on social media?
A) Become part of the conversation on all things Need for Speed by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and Instagram, and be the first to watch our new videos by subscribing on YouTube.


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