Need for Speed Payback

ASOS Partnership

During the development of Need for Speed Payback we worked closely with friends at ASOS to help create the look and style of each of our characters. Each of our primary characters have been given the personalized wardrobe treatment, from the crew (Tyler, Jess and Mac) to the other major players (Lina, Rav and Marcus) that inhabit Fortune Valley.

Tyler’s T-Shirt is rather special in that it was created in a collaboration with ourselves and ASOS. As such it’s also a T-Shirt you’ll be able to buy, should you want to display your love for Need for Speed. The eagle on the T-Shirt symbolizes being brave and free, much like Tyler himself. The year 1994 has a certain sentimental value for Need for Speed, given that it’s the year the series first appeared.

We began by creating various bits of concept art around the characters. This allowed us to begin the process of starting to visualize what our characters would look like. From here, ASOS, as our official style advisors were able to work their magic and create a pre-defined look for each of the characters.

The eagle eyed among you will have seen Mac sporting his yellow T-Shirt, complete with British Bulldog riding a skateboard and its items of clothing such as this that go a long way in helping to define the characters of Need for Speed Payback. Each one has been individually styled to give them a unique look within the game.