The Free Ember Militia

Offroad Tier 2

What are Street Leagues?

The street leagues of Fortune Valley stand between you and the Outlaw’s Rush. Crush their unique races and events, then go toe-to-toe with each league’s boss to get one step closer to victory.

Ember Valley

Base of Operations


League Style

Faith Jones

League Boss


It’s not racing if you’re not gripping the wheel for dear life.

About The Free Ember Militia

An all-female group of survivalists and anti-government conspiracy nuts, the Free Ember Militia has grown into a legitimate off-road racing league known for their love of dangerous offroad jumps.

About the Boss

Their leader is Faith Jones, a tough-as-nails survivalist who was raised and homeschooled in the wilderness outside Silver Rock. She loves a tough challenge and prefers a daredevil stunt to a clean win, any day.

The Diamond Block

Street League #9

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