SPORE comes to the Wii in SPORE Hero: Save the world from destruction by a mysterious red meteor that crash lands on the planet.

Game Features

Create Your Hero

Build a unique Hero with more than 250 parts as the Spore Creature Creator comes to the Wii for the first time! Learn More

Evolve For Battle

Earn and find new parts and combos to enhance your Hero any way you like! Learn More

Embark on an Epic Quest

Experience a vibrant 3D world filled with exciting missions, intense battles, and incredible action-quests! Learn More

Save Your World

Fight a mysterious dark force that threatens your new planet. Learn More

Make Your New Home

Customise your planet with trophies and more. Learn More

Play with a Friend

Challenge or team up with a friend in competitive and co-operative mini-games. Learn More


spore-hero Screenshot

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