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Meet the Hero of STAR WARS Battlefront II

Commander Iden Versio Leads Inferno Squad.

By the time the events of the Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II campaign unfold, Commander Iden Versio is already an Imperial hero with few peers. Her journey will carry her through the Rebel victory at Endor to the rise of the First Order. But before she was the leader of the elite Imperial special forces unit, Inferno Squad, she was working her way through the ranks of the Empire.

Iden's heroic rise could be called destiny – or at least predestination. Iden is the child of Admiral Garrick Versio of the Imperial Security Bureau. Garrick’s vision of the Empire is deeply pragmatic and singular: strength is necessary to maintain order, and the Empire is strength incarnate. He extends this conviction into his relationship with his daughter, mercilessly pushing Iden and constantly testing her limits.

Iden’s mother, Zeehay Versio, is a prominent artist. Like Iden’s father, Zeehay is a respected servant of the Empire, and her work includes propaganda posters deployed by the Imperial regime. Iden’s relationship with her parents is a complicated affair. She embodies elements of her father’s strength and her mother’s creative curiosity, but tension exists in her family, thanks largely to her father’s imposing and often disruptive presence.

Despite her prestigious pedigree, Iden enjoys no favoritism in her rapid advance through the Imperial ranks. Her success is truly of her own making – a mixture of ability and determination.

Iden is a pilot of exceptional capability and stature. She’s an expert at coaxing the last ounce of potential performance from the fast but fragile TIE fighter. Her dogfighting skills are exceeded only by her aptitude for personal combat. With a deadliness honed by exquisite tutelage and lethal experience that belies her age, Iden is an intuitive, smart, and dangerous special forces soldier.

Trained from a young age for leadership and instructed at the Imperial Academy on Coruscant, Iden excelled in her studies. She graduated with distinction and immediately proved herself worthy of standing among the Empire’s warriors. Iden was part of the TIE contingent battling the Rebel assault on the first Death Star. She was in pursuit of a fleeing Rebel starfighter when Luke Skywalker’s X-wing fired the shots that blew the Emperor’s superweapon apart. Iden managed to escape to a nearby moon of Yavin and eventually back to Imperial forces.

After the destruction of the battle station, Iden continued the fight against the Rebel Alliance, growing in skill as the galactic civil war spread to every corner of the Empire. By the time of the Battle of Endor, Iden is already a veteran warrior despite her relative youth. As the story of Star Wars Battlefront II opens, she has ascended to the command of Inferno Squad: a small, secret cadre of expert commandos. Early in the game, her team is dispatched to the forest moon. From her vantage point on the surface, Iden witnesses the second Death Star exploding before her eyes, an event that radically changes the course of her life and sets her on a collision course with some of the greatest heroes in Star Wars™.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available everywhere November 17. Pre-order today for early access to the multiplayer beta and lots of other in-game items*, and be sure to follow EA Star Wars for the latest news and updates on the heroes, planets, starfighters, and story details headed your way.

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