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All-New STAR WARS Battlefront II Classes

Assault, Heavy, Officers, and Specialists Join the Battle

Streams of plasma from the fully-automatic blaster fly past Darth Maul as the Sith Lord speeds toward the Heavy Clone soldier. The soldier stands his ground. As Maul sweeps in for the kill, the Specialist watching the action detonates a hidden trap. As the Sith reels from the explosion, the Officer shouts his order and a flood of resolve washes over his squad mates. From behind the Heavy, an Assault rushes forward with a charge attack. The villain falls, overcome by teamwork.

The galaxy is at war, and you're invited to lead the charge in Star Wars™ Battlefront II. Each class brings unique powers to your team. Alone, a single soldier is a force to be reckoned with. Acting together, they’re a lethal weapon.

How does each class strengthen a team? Let’s take a look:

  • Assault
    Assault is a fast, hard hitting at short-to-medium range relying on strong anti-personnel firepower and forward mobility. Assaults excel at closing in on enemies and destroying them. They move the front forward, flank enemy positions, and push foes out of the way. They create openings for teammates, claim new ground for the Heavies and Specialists to move in and hold, and provide the offensive core of their team’s tactical execution.
  • Heavy
    Sometimes, you need to lay down a rain of suppression fire, hold the line near a capture point, or brute-force your way through a narrow corridor. Utilizing high durability and a personal body shield, the Heavy is an offensive and defensive juggernaut well suited to any of these tasks. He's not quite as nimble as other classes, but he makes up for the lack of agility with raw toughness and power. The Heavy takes territory and dominates it.
  • Officers
    Officers makes their allies stronger. They apply powerful buffs to surrounding soldiers. They're the lynchpins holding teams together, using their abilities to help everyone around them fight more effectively. Officers directly affect the tactical situation by employing powerful automated weapons like Blaster Turrets to sweep open areas, cover the flanks, or lock down choke points.
  • Specialists
    Specialists are the tricksters of the battlefield. They employ deadly traps to attack enemy forces, reveal battlefield intelligence to their comrades, and snipe at enemies with long-distance weaponry. They’re extremely powerful on defense and create openings for teammates by eliminating threats.
To help maximize teamwork, Star Wars Battlefront II allows players to queue and spawn together in four-member “spawn waves.” Every respawn takes the player into a lobby where they'll be able to quickly coordinate with other queued players while selecting their class, reinforcement, vehicle, and hero configurations and then reenter the game together.

As you progress in experience, you’ll continually earn more Star Cards, gaining access to vast new arsenals of customization options. Star Cards are tied to a class, and follow you throughout the three cinematic eras. There are a huge number of different Star Card modification options. As you advance and collect more, you’re continually able to reinvent your play style.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available everywhere November 17. Enjoy early access and bonus content by pre-ordering now. And keep up with EA Star Wars for all the latest news on what’s coming next to a galaxy far, far away.