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Rule the Skies and Space with Starfighter Classes

Choose your starfighter

The Rebel armada sweeps through the blackness of space toward the orbital platform. Sleek A-wings form a vanguard ahead of an attack force of Y-wings escorted by sturdy X-wing starfighters. But the Empire is quick to respond. The Star Destroyer in the dockyard may be immobilized, but it is far from defenseless. Swarms of Imperial starfighters hurl through space toward the attacking squadrons – behind them is a squadron of venerable TIE Fighters, mainstays of the Imperial navy, followed closely by TIE Bombers spewing tracking missiles toward the approaching formation.

Starfighters come in three varieties, each with different strengths. Think of them much like classes, each type serving a team role with palpable difference in the handling acceleration and flight characteristics.

Interceptors are speedy, agile, and deadly. They’re superb dogfighters designed for pilots who want to squeeze every last inch of performance out of their starfighter. They excel at engaging and destroying other small spacecraft. The catch: Interceptors are fragile as all that speed comes at the expense of armor. Examples of Interceptors include the TIE Interceptor and the A-wing.

Fighters are all-purpose starfighters. They have strong armor, potent weapons, and are quick and agile enough to engage interceptors while still packing the punch to damage larger targets. Examples of fighters include the X-wing and the TIE/ln.

Bombers are the big heavies, engaging objectives with torpedoes or other concussive armaments, and tracking enemy starfighters from a distance with guided weapons. They sacrifice agility, short-range firepower, and speed for high defense and a tremendous long-range attack. Examples of bombers include the TIE Bomber and Y-wing.

In addition to the three classes of starfighters, Star Wars™ Battlefront II also grants players access to hero ships, special spacecraft with unique abilities and weapons all their own. As players progress through objectives and defeat enemy starfighters, they earn Battle Points. These Battle Points can be redeemed during respawns to summon some of Star Wars’ most recognizable and powerful ships, including Poe Dameron's Black One, Han Solo's Millennium Falcon, Darth Maul’s Scimitar , and many more. 

Using Star Cards, you can customize your ship configurations to best suit your play style, modifying abilities to cool down weapons, repair damage, launch tracking torpedoes, and much more. Both regular starfighters and hero ships are modifiable.

Eager to try the starfighters yourself? Pre-order to jump into the cockpit on October 4 in the Beta* for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC. Keep your eyes on EA Star Wars™ on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for much more of what’s coming to Starfighter Assault and Star Wars Battlefront II.

*BETA OFFER EXPIRES 3 DAYS PRIOR TO BEGINNING OF EARLY ACCESS PERIOD. Other conditions and restrictions apply. See for details.