Phoenix Squadron Has Arrived

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Phoenix Squadron has arrived in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes!

During the month of March, players level 20 and above will be able to participate in special events to unlock characters from the hit TV show Star Wars: Rebels™.

The only requirement to participate in these events are that players must be level 20 or higher, so be sure to bring your strongest squad. Players will also want to join in these events when they appear as they are available for a limited time.

Supply Sabotage is the first of these events and kicks off with Hera Syndulla, a key character in a squad composed of Phoenix Squadron members. Hera’s leader ability grants all of Phoenix Squadron’s unique abilities to each other, making them immensely stronger when they’re together. These unique abilities include health recovery, counter attacking, protection recovery, and gaining bonus offense.

Here is the list of upcoming events celebrating Star Wars: Rebels and the order that they appear throughout March and April:


Event Name: Cantankerous Clanker Daily Battle

Dates: Daily from March 9 to April 7

Description: Join forces with Chopper and defeat his rivals.

Reward: Shards for Chopper


Event Name: Supply Sabotage

Dates: March 9-10

Description: Join forces with Hera Syndulla and destroy Imperial supply shipments

Reward: Shards for Hera Syndulla


Event Name: Spectre One

Dates: March 16-17

Description: Join Forces with Kanan Jarrus and acquire critical intelligence from Imperial officers on Lothal.

Reward: Shards for Kanan Jarrus


Event Name: Honor Guard

Dates: March 23-24

Description: Join forces with Garazeb Orrelios and defend Chopper Base from attacking pirates.

Reward: Shards for Zeb


Event Name: Practice Makes Perfect

Dates: March 30-31

Description: Join forces with Ezra Bridger and train at Chopper Base.

Reward: Shards for Ezra Bridger


Event Name: Art of Demolition

Dates: April 6-7

Description: Join forces with Sabine Wren and destroy an idle Imperial vehicle.

Reward: Shards for Sabine Wren

Be sure to log in and collect all members of Phoenix Squadron during these special events as you’ll need them to participate in a unique event in April.

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