Simmer Spotlight: Sara De Moor

SimGuru Zera

Our fans are the most creative and passionate around! For our second Simmer Spotlight we are featuring a builder who inspires – Sara De Moor.

• When did you start Simming and which was you first Sims game?
I started Simming when the original Sims was out for quite a while. I thought the game was broken at first, because they sounded so weird to my ears. Despite my changing the language to English and Dutch, they kept talking something that I thought was a Scandinavian language. Only later did I realize it was Simlish! I got into it proper starting from Sims 2.

• What is your favorite new feature in The Sims 4?
If I really have to choose I would have to say the "Enlargement cheat." It's so much fun! Small tabletop plants turn into full-fledged large potted plant to adorn your entryway with. Bigger paintings for a dramatic effect on an otherwise bare wall. The possibilities are endless! A close second is the ability to place wall mounted objects and windows anywhere you like on the walls. And last but not least, the ability to have different roof colors in the same lot! People have done such creative things with it already.

• How do you spend most of your time while Simming?
I spend most of my time in build mode. For me, it's like playing with Lego, but without the mess and without the risk of stepping on a brick! I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all the things that are possible with the tools. It's a journey and I'm excited since mine has just begun!

• Which of your own creations, etc. are you most proud of in the Sims 4 and why?
That would have to be the Stepford Mansion. I love the modern movie adaption. The style of the houses is so grand and luxurious. Flowers and pastels everywhere. I just couldn't resist!

The second one is the Fifties diner. That one was inspired by The Double R Diner in the Twin Peaks TV series. I get a lot of my inspiration from movies, series and other games. Dragon Age has inspired most of my medieval builds in The Sims 3 and will again in The Sims 4!

• What advice would you give to a new Simmer/Builder?
It's probably the most common advice possible, but it's so true that I just have to repeat it. Have fun! That is the most important thing. After a long day at school, work or caring for your family, The Sims is such a great way to unwind. And the beauty of it is, there is no right or wrong way to play. You can spend all your time in create a Sim, play mode, or like me, build mode. No one can tell you you're playing the game wrong. Just do what you enjoy most!

You can see more of Sara’s creations in the Gallery, either in-game or on TheSims.com, under sarademoor.

Have you made cool stuff in The Sims 4? Show us by using the hashtag #SimSpotlight and you could be featured next!

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