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FRONTIER NEWS NETWORK 10.31.2017 - Tricks and Treats

What’s Happening in the Newest Patch

The next patch for Titanfall 2 that we’re calling Tricks and Treats is available starting 10/31! Here’s what’s coming:


With the Tricks and Treats patch comes a new set of Elite Weapon skins including 3 Limited edition spooky skins to celebrate Halloween. The Halloween Skins and Bundle will be available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and will be removed from the store on 11/28 so get them while you can!

Each of these skins comes with a Squad Leader Bonus which gives:

  • 10% chance per owner Elite Weapon [up to 30%] to earn a double xp token at the end of a match.
  • Grants 1 extra merit to you and your teammates as the end of a match. A player can only receive this bonus once per match.

Let’s take a look at the skins!


  • We have new Featured Modes to introduce that will be added to the existing rotation.
  • We’ve taken another look at Pistols and heard your feedback. Expect to see some changes for Mozambique and Wingman Elite.
  • You will also see some adjustments made to Attrition, Frontier Defense, and Reapers.

More info to come at the end of the week!


This month the Titanfall community rallied to put on a two day Titanfall 2 stream extravaganza to raise money for the Las Vegas Victims Fund and Ridge to Reefs for Puerto Rico.

Big thanks to iishii who championed and did all the heavy lifting to bring streamers and players together for an awesome weekend. We are so proud of our community and it means a lot to us to see our fans come together to help others.All told over 50 streamers participated and nearly 1000 people joined the Titanfall United Networks and together raised nearly 10K for charities. Thank you to all that participated and donated!

We’d like to recognize the streamers that took the time to support this effort:

And big thank you to any other we might have missed. We appreciate what you bring to our community.


It’s never hard to find some great Titanfall fan art, cosplay, and more to showcase. Let’s take a look at just a few of our favorites.

Sir! ZetaplusC2 from reddit shows that their cloaking level is over 9000!

Also this awesome Cosplay collaboration between @theitguy16 (pilot) & jshadow_photography from Instagram

Then here’s JinJayMan from reddit as they learn to never ask a titan how to math.

And since it’s Halloween, we have one of the best BT cosplays to date.


Lastly, let’s enjoy a recap of our experimental high TTK in form Titan Toons created by our very own Moy Parra.

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This patch will be going live on 11/28! Let’s get right into what’s coming.
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