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EA requires full disclosure and transparency with every Game Changer content activation or paid sponsorship that we are involved with. This is mandatory for every country, language, or influencer that we work with. We do not partner with influencers, agencies, or talent who do not support proper disclosure.

Game Changers Program

Game Changers have full editorial control over their content and storylines. EA does not approve Game Changer content, opinions, or creative choices. EA does monitor all Game Changer content to ensure compliance with our disclosure policy, which is primarily the Presented by EA Game Changers watermark, with included audible and written descriptions.

Game Changers are generally not paid for their content. Though, some will receive small stipends to cover minor expenses when attending official EA sponsored events requiring travel like EA Play and Gamescom.  We may also provide pre-release access to our games.   All EA Game Changer program content requires community disclosure.

Sponsored Programs

In addition to Game Changers, EA does offer a variety of paid content opportunities for creators. We frequently commission specific campaign assets, cinematics, and even tutorial videos that EA directly approves, which must always display the Sponsored by EA watermark, including both the audible and written description. Even with greater EA approvals required for Sponsored videos, we always strive to make the editorial and production choices live with the individual creators producing them.

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If you see an EA Game Changer who is not abiding by our conduct and behavior standards, please let us know.

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