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Anthem Beginner Combat Guide

Learn about everything from javelin customization and unique abilities to the importance of teamwork

Get an overview of Anthem combat basics in this video by MoonLiteWolf.

Javelin suits are the key to combat in this dangerous world, and it’s important to understand their strengths and how each one can be modified to best suit your playstyle. The first thing to understand is that you won’t have immediate access to every javelin.


Unlocking Javelins

 You’ll unlock your first javelin at level 2 and your remaining javelins in this order:

●       Second unlock at level 8

●       Third unlock at level 16

●       Fourth unlock at level 26


Choosing the Right Javelin for Your Fighting Style

Next, let’s get to know each of the four available javelins:

The Colossus javelin is a hard-hitting tank with strong defensive capabilities. It can plow through enemies and protect squad mates with a massive directional shield and thick armor. It’s also the only javelin sturdy enough to wield Heavy Weapons.

The Interceptor javelin is an agile, powerful master of close-combat. This suit is perfect for those who prefer fast-paced, precise attacks followed by dashing away from the enemies before they can lay a finger (or claw) on them.

The Ranger javelin is a balanced and versatile suit perfect for most playstyles. If you’re looking for a javelin that can stand up to both close and long-range combat, you can’t do better than the Ranger. It’s got something in its arsenal for almost any situation.

The Storm javelin is an elegant long-range fighter and master of the elements. If you’d like to hover above the fray, unleashing ice, fire, and lightning attacks then this is the javelin for you. The Storm’s light armor makes it something of a glass cannon so avoid diving into the heaviest fighting and do your damage from a relatively safe distance.

You begin each expedition by selecting the javelin you’d like to use. Consider the kind of mission, combat, or exploration you may want to pursue as you won’t be able to change to another javelin until that expedition is complete.


Gear and Weapons

In the Forge, you can customize your loadout by making gear selections that are optimized for your playstyle. Gear can modify different aspects of your javelin, including optimizing powerful attack combos (both for solo play and team combat), lowering cool-down times, increasing weapon effectiveness, giving you longer periods of flight, and more.

Each javelin has space for two Assault and one Support gear options, two weapons, and six components, though not all of these slots will be available immediately. As you progress you’ll unlock more and begin collecting items, each with their own level and rarity. Altogether there are six rarity types:

●       Common

●       Uncommon

●       Rare

●       Epic

●       Masterwork

●       Legendary

After each mission, you should definitely head to the Forge to check and see if any of the gear and components you’ve collected are superior to your current options. The more powerful (and rare) the items the more prepared you’ll be when taking on more powerful enemies.

Next up are weapons: you’ll want to get familiar with them in the field and, once you’ve unlocked a secondary slot, switch between your weapons regularly. This will come in handy when you need to snipe an enemy or replace a gun that’s exhausted its ammo.



Each javelin has its own unique abilities. These abilities must charge over time before becoming available to use. Taking down enemies and assisting allies will help you charge up faster. Once your abilities bar is full try to aim your ultimate at a group of enemies (or a particularly large and powerful one) to get the most out of it. Wasting an ultimate on a single target is best avoided.

Aside from taking out enemies, your ultimate can get you out of a dire situation in a hurry. Low on health? Use an ultimate to restore your health and shields to continue the attack or rocket out of harm’s way.


Traversal Basics

Once you finish in the Forge and head out into the world, you’ll have to master traversing the vertical world of Anthem in order to emerge triumphant during combat. Take to the skies by flying around the world or hover in mid-air to attack enemies from various vantage points. You’ll need to also be strategic about heat management if you want to remain in the air longer -- look for a waterfall or other body of water to cool down and extend your flight time. Extending your ability to fly and hover can be incredibly important to successful combat.


Triumph as One

When you’re ready to head out in search of adventure remember that while you’re strong on your own, you’re always stronger together. If you don’t have a squad yet, or they’re not available, Anthem’s matchmaking makes it easy to find a Freelancer (or three) to join up with. You can also choose to explore the world of Anthem in Freeplay, where you are free to roam. Combat and missions are a lot more fun (and rewarding) together.

Find out more about combat. Looking for more Anthem Tips and Tricks? Find them here!

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