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The Four Javelins of Anthem

We break down each of the javelins and their gameplay in a series of articles.

Javelin exosuits have everything a skilled pilot needs to survive in the wilds and take down any opposition. They can fly over difficult terrain, swim through underwater tunnels, and employ a full kit of weapons and gear against their enemies. Each model of javelin has its own strengths, and it’s up to each pilot to choose which javelin in their arsenal is best for the mission ahead. So which will you choose: Ranger, Storm, Colossus, or Interceptor?

For the Freelancers who are eager to suit up and step into battle, learn about the four javelins of Anthem™ through this gameplay guide.

NOTE: As the game is still in development, some of the suit details may still change before launch.

The Ranger Javelin

The Ranger is the first javelin exosuit you’ll receive as you begin in Anthem. It’s precise, versatile, and an all-around master of combat.

All Freelancers train on the Ranger first in Anthem. Not because it’s the easiest, but because it’s the most versatile. In the hands of a master pilot, the Ranger can achieve feats of combat prowess that no other javelin can touch.

The Ranger has a deep bag of tricks to draw from, and there is no combat situation it can’t take on effectively. With access to every weapon type, the Ranger is a true wild card that can complement any team and any mission.

The Colossus Javelin

The largest of the four, the Colossus trades mobility for defense, carrying a deployable shield as well as a devastating Siege Cannon.

Meet Anthem’s Colossus, a hulking war machine designed to clear out entire hives of vicious predatory fauna with mounted artillery, heavy arms, or even, yes, a flamethrower. It’s got reinforced armor plating. It’s got jet propulsion. It’s got a cannon. I’m pretty sure it’s even got a cupholder (it doesn’t). If you’re looking to trample through the wilderness in comfort with heavy artillery strapped to your back, the Colossus is for you.

The Storm Javelin

Mysterious and devastating, the Storm javelin uses powerful seal technology to blast enemies with the raw fury of the Anthem.

Developed by the Dominion in their Northern home of Stralheim, the Storm uses seal technology to boost the latent kinesis powers of its pilot. The result is a javelin that can float effortlessly above the ground and unleash the raw energy of the Anthem itself. Only through painstaking arcanist research has anyone outside the Dominion had a chance to wield the Storm’s awesome potential. And while the Storm can channel unbelievable amounts of energy, it has little in the way of defensive capabilities and requires an expert pilot to stay above the fight and dish out damage from a safe distance.

The Interceptor Javelin

The Interceptor javelin might not have the imposing silhouette of the Colossus, but it still knows how to pack a punch. The Interceptor excels at getting up next to enemies to deal damage and then dashing away before they can strike back. With powerful blades and a full suite of devastating abilities, the Interceptor is both incredibly self-reliant and an excellent supporting squadmate.

You’ll unlock all four as you play Anthem, so make sure to try them all out and decide which ones work best for your playstyle.

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