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Get to Know Anthem’s Ranger Javelin

Discover the combat-ready Ranger, your starting javelin.

In the world of Anthem, the javelin exosuits are your key to survival in the harsh wilderness outside of Fort Tarsis. They are powerful suits of armour equipped with propulsion and weapons that allow you the speed and firepower you’ll need to complete your missions. Javelins are handcrafted by the meticulous work of arcanists, and only expert pilots can unlock the full potential of their exosuits. The Ranger javelin is the first you’ll suit up in, which we’ll get into detail about here, but as you progress you’ll unlock all four of the javelins – the other three include the Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm. You’ll be able to swap between them to improve both your javelin’s abilities and the overall skill of your pilot.

All Freelancers train on the Ranger first in Anthem. Not because it’s the easiest, but because it’s the most versatile. In the hands of a master lancer, the Ranger can achieve feats of combat prowess that no other javelin can touch.

The Ranger javelin has a deep bag of tricks to draw from, and there is no combat situation it can’t take on effectively. With access to a wide variety of weapon types, the Ranger is a true wild card that can complement any team and any mission.

NOTE: As the game is still in development, all game features and ability names may be subject to change and there will be more to share. We’ll update as necessary.

Ranger Javelin Weaponry

Each javelin may have two weapons for their loadout, and can change them (along with the rest of their loadout) between missions. The Ranger is capable of wielding every weapon type except for Heavy Weapons (which can only be used by the Colossus javelin).

Ranger Javelin Melee Ability

Shock Mace: When the Ranger javelin chooses to mix it up at close range, it deploys an electrified mace to send a medically-inadvisable amount of voltage through its enemies.

Ranger Javelin Grenade Gear

Quick to deploy, grenades lay down area damage for effective crowd control at a moment’s notice. Modified grenades can be found out in the field and can be equipped to create different effects, including Frost and Seeker Grenades.

Frag Grenade: Deals impressive damage in a large area of effect.

Inferno Grenade: Ignites an area, dealing damage and setting enemies ablaze.

Frost Grenade: Damages and freezes enemies in place.

Seeker Grenades: Splits into smaller sub-munitions which seek out the nearest enemy.

Sticky Bomb: Attaches to a single target for a contained, high-damage blast.


Ranger Javelin Assault Launcher Gear

The Ranger’s wrist launcher allows for a variety of modules to be loaded on for an extra burst of firepower. This provides a more flexible combat approach that can take down threats quickly.

Homing Missile: Fires a projectile that seeks out a target for a small area-of-effect explosion.

Energy Pulse: Unleashes a blast of pure energy, hitting a single target with incredible force.

Spark Beam: Fires a sustained beam of energy for continuous damage.

Venom Darts: Launches a volley of darts that seek out a target for acid damage.

Blast Missile: Fires a missile that explodes for area-of-effect damage.

Ranger Javelin Support Gear

A skillful field general, the Ranger is capable of creating special fields that allow its allies to gain a tactical advantage.

Bulwark Point: Deploys a spherical field which deflects incoming enemy projectiles.

Muster Point: Creates a field which increases weapon damage for teammates who enter its radius. (NOTE: in a previous article, this ability had been listed as reducing gear cooldown. The ability has been changed to increase weapon damage instead.)

Ranger Javelin Ultimate Ability

Multi-Target Missile Battery: Lancers can deploy a special ultimate ability that displays the true strength of their javelin exosuit. Dealing precise damage across a wide swath of the battlefield, the Ranger’s Multi-target Missile Battery allows it to target many fast-moving enemies with guided projectiles.

Your First Javelin

With its focus on precise damage and versatility, the Ranger javelin can suit any number of skill levels. Novice pilots will appreciate the wide array of weapons and abilities they can use to sharpen their skills, while experts will gravitate toward the Ranger’s emphasis on excellent marksmanship and skill mastery. So, whether you’re the newest Freelancer in your group or the most veteran, the Ranger is the gold standard for combat efficiency.

But there are other javelin options to explore. For those who like a more heavy-handed approach, the Colossus is a great fit. And for those who favor a reflexive, lightning-fast play style, there’s none faster than the Interceptor. Just want to throw lightning bolts at unsuspecting enemies? Suit up with Storm. There’s so much to discover in the world of Anthem.


Get heavy in Anthem's largest javelin.

Meet the Colossus


Rush the battlefield in Anthem’s most agile javelin.

Meet the Interceptor


Dish damage from a distance in Anthem's electrifying javelin.

Meet the Storm

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