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>> Memory Log

>> Search For Creator: Day 725;

>> My search throughout the Outlands has led me to a public house, Paradise Lounge, located on the planet Solace. 

>> My previous employer at “Electric! Chicken!” in the Yuma System (Log: Day 341) stated that public houses are a good source of information because the patrons are always willing to speak even when not spoken to, especially after consuming beverages. 

>> Inside the establishment, I was introduced to a number of civilians who offered information in return for services rendered, like many I have come across before. The young bartender, Elliot Witt, expressed concerns that my willingness to do labor for free was “stupid” and that these people were taking advantage of my ignorance. Why are people cruel? A question I will ask when I find my creator.

>> Mr. Witt posed an alternative: if I were to compete in the Apex Games’ bloodsport and become an Apex Legend, I could use the fame to seek out my creator. Exciting idea! Plus, I could make lots of new friends. But first, I have to complete this construction job; my employer says she has “all kinds of info about stuff” for me - back to work! \>

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