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How Cosmetics Work in Apex Legends

Find out how to unlock Apex Legends cosmetics and customize your character.

You want everyone to recognize you as you dominate the Apex Games. There are tons of cosmetic items in Apex Legends to show off your personal style. Take a look at how you can customize your Legend and stand out in the arena.

Types of Cosmetics and Rarities

There are eight different kinds of cosmetics in Apex Legends and four different rarity tiers.

Common Rare Epic Legendary Weapon Skins Legend Skins Legend Finishers Banner Frames Banner Poses Banner Stat Trackers Intro Quips Kill Quips
Common Rare Epic Legendary
Weapon Skins
Legend Skins
Legend Finishers
Banner Frames
Banner Poses
Banner Stat Trackers
Intro Quips
Kill Quips

Where to Get Cosmetics

Apex Packs are packs of three items that can contain any combination of cosmetic items and crafting currency. Cosmetic items can be from one of the eight categories above. Apex Packs will never include any items that offer a gameplay advantage.

You can earn Apex Packs by leveling up your Player Level or by purchasing Apex Packs with premium currency (Apex Coins).

The Rotating Shop lets you unlock specific cosmetics and characters with premium currency called Apex Coins. Additionally, the Rotating Shop lets you use grind currency (Legend Tokens) to unlock exclusive recolor versions of legendary skins, assuming you own the prerequisite item. Items in the Rotating Shop change periodically, so check back regularly.

The Season 1 Battle Pass, which can be purchased with Apex Coins, allows players to unlock tons of exclusive seasonal content and Apex Packs through gameplay. Check back soon for more information.


There are three types of currency in Apex Legends that you can use to unlock cosmetics and characters:

Apex Coins are a premium currency that can be used to purchase Apex Packs, cosmetic items in the Rotating Shop, and new Legends.

Crafting Metals are dropped in Apex Packs and can be used to craft specific cosmetic items such as Legend skins, weapon skins, and more.

Legend Tokens are earned by increasing your Player Level. Legend Tokens can be earned even after reaching max Player Level by gathering enough match XP. They can be used in the Rotating Shop to unlock exclusive recolors of Legendary weapon and Legend skins, or to unlock new Legends.

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