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Apex Legends – February 8 Week One Update

Check out all the tweaks and fixes in the Apex Legends February 8 update.

This week, the Respawn team launched Apex Legends on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin on PC. Community Manager Jay Frechette (Jayfresh_Respawn) took to the Apex Legends subreddit to discuss a few post-launch patches with the community. Check out all the details in his own words below, or head over to the official Reddit post and jump into the conversation.

Well, this was one hell of a week. 10 million players and 1 million concurrent. I don’t even know what to say about it other than thank you.

Some quick updates and recaps before I leave you for the weekend:

  • This week we pushed a couple small server-side patches that addressed a number of stability issues. We also had some brief outages that were addressed.
  • We fixed an issue where Origin was showing all your friends as offline.
  • We fixed an issue for Xbox where you couldn’t purchase Apex Coins in game.
  • If you get an Origin message saying that it can't sync your cloud saves, don't panic. Your progression is safe.
  • AMD Phenom crashing issues:
  • We've changed the way that we detect below our Min Spec, and will now display the message “CPU does not have SSE 3.”
  • The Party Leader Quit message is displaying when it shouldn’t, and we’re working to address it.

We are also expecting a big weekend, so we’ll be scaling up to support all you beautiful people playing Apex Legends all night long like me. I’ve barely been able to play this week so I personally cannot WAIT to get into the arena.

If you are having a tech issue or seeing a bug, the best place to post it is in our help center forums: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Apex-Legends/ct-p/apex-legends-en. We are working very closely with the customer service team there on messaging and they provide us reports.

We’ve also been poring over tons of data coming in from game (we’ll talk more about that!) as well as listening to feedback across the wide ocean of the Internet. We have lots of great stuff to chew on, many things to fix and improve, and good debates have already begun among the dev team. Our main focus right now is stability and quality of life, but in the near future we’ll be talking more about the potential updates to the meta.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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