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How to opt-in for Bejeweled Blitz Beta on Android

Jan 5, 2018
An all-new Bejeweled Blitz is going to be released soon. Learn More
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Gameplay & Features

Have a look at the new features in Bejeweled Blitz

Free & Upgradable Boosts

Your favorite boosts now have a life of their own. They're free to use and can be upgraded for more power. Not just that, two brand new boosts have been added to the game - Colorblast and Rarifier.

Powerful Rare Gems

Bejeweled Blitz is incomplete without its sparkling Rare Gems. New rare gems are added to the game on a frequent basis to give players a unique experience. Rare Gems you earn or receive as gifts are stored in your items box.

Exciting Events

From individual missions to community goals, the Special Events like Gem Masters and Gem Explorers offer something for everyone and are rewarding too!




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