Dead Space Extraction

EA Redwood Shores

Dead Space Extraction

In Dead Space Extraction, built especially for the Wii, players are placed in the middle of the initial Necromorph invasion that threatens humanity.

Game Features

Arsenal Of Weapons

Utilize a powerful arsenal of abilities and weapons to freeze attackers, manipulate gravity with telekinesis, solve puzzles, and venture out into zero gravity Learn More

Cooperative Play

Team up with a friend to fight off the invasion on the USG Ishimura with jump-in cooperative play Learn More

Quality Graphics

State-of-the-art graphics, panic inducing audio, and a first person, frenetic perspective wrenches players headlong into the terror Learn More

Interactive Horror

Play through an engrossing, interactive horror movie experience that pushes the boundaries of story-telling in a game Learn More

Completely New Story

Meet a new cast of characters, destroy new enemies, and wield new weapons Learn More

Carve A Path To Survival

Follow the lives of several different Aegis VII colony members as they carve a bloody path to survival Learn More

Pinpoint Control

Strategically dismember your enemy with pinpoint control using the Wii Remote Learn More

Unique Experience Each Session!

Combine efforts on engineering puzzles or determine specific roles to create a unique experience with each play session Learn More


dead-space-extraction Screenshot

dead-space-extraction Screenshot

dead-space-extraction Screenshot

dead-space-extraction Screenshot

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