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Mobile Gridiron Notes: Rarity, Team Power, and Player Training

Community questions answered about the upcoming changes to Team Power and the introduction of Rarity and Player Training in Madden Mobile.

Madden NFL Mobile Updates

Welcome back to another edition of Mobile Gridiron Notes!

In this week’s livestream Product Manager Patrick Feller returned to the stream to discuss the introduction of Player Rarity and changes coming to Team Power and Player Training. As always, we have developer answers to YOUR questions below.

If you missed the live broadcast, the stream archive and highlights are embedded throughout this post. 


What is Rarity?


What changes are coming to Team Power?


How will Player Training work?


What changes are being made to Player Exchange?


Community Questions

1. Will the auction house filter and general categorization of cards be improved?

We’ve received feedback on reducing complexity in many areas of the game, and have consolidated much of our content which should help reduce the raw number of different programs to filter through. As for power, there will not be a power filter at launch, but we will be monitoring the situation closely. That being said, higher-power players are not so rare that you would need to search through hundreds of items to find the max-power version.

2. If there are 4 variants for each card, and some cards are scheme selectable, could there be cards with up to 16 different variants?

In the case where a card is scheme-selectable, we would likely lock in the power. Selecting between the 10 power Smashmouth version you want versus the 40 power West Coast version is not a particularly fun or compelling choice.

3. According to the stream, events would require power to play.  Does it mean that we won’t be able to play certain events if we don’t have the required power?

To clarify: the vast majority events will have a recommended power, not a locked power, which determines the OVR bonus you receive in an event. For a power-locked event, it might help to think of it like an event locked behind OVR. We traditionally use OVR-locked events to provide extra rewards for users who have built a powerful team.

One specific example from the upcoming season: A quest chain with a branching path. Path 1 has the normal stamina cost. Path 2 has a power requirement, and a reduced stamina cost. Both paths lead to the same point, so if you have a high-power team, you save a bit of stamina.

4. When it comes to posting trained players in the auction house, will they show in the auction house with their power that they are trained up to, or their base power?

Players on the auction house are always posted with their base power. If you post a player that HAS been trained, you'll be prompted to extract all of the training points prior to posting the card in exchange for a lesser amount of training points that can be re-invested in other players.

5. Will we be able to actually see how the boosts are effecting the stats of each player?

It will operate like the Overdrive Boosts in the current Season (so, no). We want to improve in-gameplay feedback on boosts, but we are not there yet. 11 players, each with 10+ boosted stats would be a lot to digest. 


What's Next?

Next Thursday (7/11) at 11 AM EST, we will be talking about the Competitive Modes coming to Madden Mobile next season. (

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