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Mobile Gridiron Notes: Madden Mobile Season Mode

Community questions answered about the upcoming Madden Mobile Season Mode.

Madden Mobile

What’s up Madden fans?

Madden Mobile announced the return of Season Mode yesterday, and we’re ready to answer the community’s questions about the all-new mode.

Season Mode Returns

If you missed the live broadcast, the stream archive and highlights are embedded throughout this post. Sr. Gameplay Designer Danny Doeberling returned to the stream to discuss the return of Season Mode with some exciting improvements. The new season of Madden NFL Mobile launches July 30!



What are the different Season Mode options?


What was the thought process behind the design of the new Season Mode?


How can I earn rewards in Season Mode?


What type of NFL scenarios can happen in a Season?


Can I play with my favorite NFL team roster?

Community Questions

1. While playing with my team in season mode, will there be an option to use different uniforms like alternate jerseys, color rush, throwbacks, etc.?

You can bring uniforms that you have collected throughout the year and use them in season mode. Uniforms can be swapped out before each game from the season mode settings. 

2. If we elect to let an injured player rehab and play a game who takes their place? 

We give you a low-level base player for the same exact position for any player replacement scenario (injuries, holdouts, etc.). This way you can never have an insufficient lineup. You also have access to your lineup and bench from the season mode hub so you can optimize your team. Note: Injuries only happen with the NFL roster type.

3. Can we play at our own pace or will it reset periodically like Season Battles? After a season is completed, is there a waiting period or can you start again immediately?

You can go at your own pace and they do not reset. Only one active season can be played at a time, and you can start each season type once every 24 hours. So, if you finish a season, you can start a new one once it has been over 24 hours from the initial creation.

4. Will Seasons cost stamina to play?


5. How many types of injuries are in the game? Are there any season ending ones and what are the chances of each injury? Also are there different severities of the same injury?

We deal with injuries by severity and do not get into what the exact injury type it is. There are two types of one to two week injuries where the player is either listed as questionable or doubtful. After that the injuries range from three to eight weeks and the dreaded season long injury. Decisions made inside the scenario will affect how fast or long it takes for the player to come back compared to their estimated projection.

Right now, tuning wise, we are around 4.5 injuries per full length season. That number can fluctuate based on a lot of factors. The longer the severity of the injury, the less percentage chance you have of getting it.

6. Can you trade with other teams or are trades only initiated by another team? 

All trade scenarios are initiated by another team. You can affect the trade amount chance by decisions you make inside scenarios.

What’s Next?

Next Thursday (June 21) at 11 a.m. ET, we will be talking about the all-new Gauntlet Mode coming to Madden Mobile with another developer stream on Twitch (  

Madden NFL 20 is out worldwide on August 2 and Madden NFL Mobile launches on July 30. Pre-order the Superstar Edition and play 3 days early. Stay in the conversation by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and EA Forums. Sign up for the Newsletter today to receive updates on Madden, and other EA news, products, and events, all season long.

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