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Prepare for the return of Madden NFL Mobile via Season Score

Get a head start in the new season beginning July 30.

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Season Score is live now to help you prepare for the return of Madden NFL Mobile. The all-new Season Score will reward you for your progress this season with meaningful rewards for the coming season based on your achievements in Madden Overdrive. The best part is that you’ll be able to use your existing team in many new and exciting ways once the new season begins. Don't wait around! Boost your Season Score starting today in order to maximize your head start in the new Madden NFL Mobile season, which starts Tuesday, July 30.

What is Season Score?

Every year, in preparation for the upcoming season, players are able to participate in a program entitled Season Score. The program consists of in-game achievements that track a player’s progress in various areas of the current season, and outputs a score out of 100 percent. The higher the score, the more rewards a player takes with them into the new season. While progressing through Season Score, players will also earn valuable rewards for the current season to help their team immediately.

Participation in Season Score also delivers information about exciting new features coming available in the next season. Read on to discover more.

What’s New?

  • The Legacy experience has been completely re-imagined with a robust Legacy hub, available next season, that will offer more ways for players to use their Legacy team and better rewards.
  • Season Score will be completely transparent in terms of the rewards that players are working towards next season. Players will be provided with a full breakdown of the possible rewards and a breakdown of what is needed to do to earn them.
  • Players will be rewarded with draft points based on their progress during the offseason that can be used on draft style picks in addition to some exciting new rewards.
  • Better rewards coming for this season and next season. Rewards have been increased in the current season while players are progressing through Season Score. Players will simultaneously be working towards valuable rewards next season. This includes an Auction House tax reducer that will provides a permanent decrease to the standard 10 percent tax incurred Auction House sales.

How Does It Work?

Starting now, there is a new Hub when players log in to Madden Overdrive that will provide information on Season Score objectives, achievements, and rewards. Progressing through Season Score allows players to earn Draft Points that will be used to purchase rewards once the new season starts.

Season Score Achievements

Draft Points will be earned as players achieve different milestones in specific categories during Season Score. Player progress will be measured by the below.


  • Offensive OVR
  • Defense OVR
  • Special Teams OVR
  • Level
  • Power


  • Each day players will have the opportunity to complete a set of goals to earn additional progress towards Draft Points.

Coach Levels

Captain Levels

League vs. League Wins


  • Highest Division
  • Wins
  • Points Scored


  • Total Achievements Completed
  • Live Events Completed
  • Passing Yards
  • Rushing Yards

Giving You Your Reward

Once the new Season begins, players will have the opportunity to spend their Draft Points on rewards in the Legacy store. Spending a requisite amount of Draft Points on rewards will unlock a permanent Auction House Tax Reducer and additional rewards!

*The base Auction House tax rate for next season will remain at 10 percent.

How Much Can I Earn?

Players will be able to earn a maximum of 500 Draft Points during Season Score and will have the ability to earn additional Draft Points in the new Legacy Hub once the season begins. See the full breakdown below.


Don't wait around! Boost your Season Score starting today in order to maximize your head start in the new Madden NFL Mobile season, which kicks off Tuesday, July 30.  

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