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Captains Explained

Captains are brand-new features to Madden NFL Overdrive. Learn all about them here!

Madden NFL Overdrive


In past explainers, we’ve shown how Head to Head mode featuring real-time pvp changes how you play Madden NFL Overdrive. We’ve explained how your coach brings new-found depth to your strategic choices on the field. Today, we’re going to explain the foundation of your team: the Captain.

Think of Captains in Madden NFL Overdrive as your hero players. When you start the game, you’ll have access to just a handful, which will slowly expand as you progress. These Captains will always be among the best players on your team, and they will decide which playbook you have access to during gameplay. That’s right, Madden NFL Overdrive features multiple playbooks!

There are four types of Captains, each with their own unique playbook and scheme. Smashmouth Captains will lean heavily on running plays and play-action, while Vertical Captains’ playbooks will feature more plays that drive the ball down the field on deep passes. West Coast Captains’ playbooks will spread the ball around on short, safe passes, while Spread Captains will have playbooks that emphasize misdirection and getting your best players in space while the defense is off-balance.

In addition to determining your base playbook, your Captain will also determine which scoring bonuses you get and the rate at which your Overdrive meter fills up in Head to Head.

As you upgrade your Captains, you will increase their ratings as well as improve the Captain’s Bonus provided. The Captain will replace one of your players in Head to Head gameplay (not League gameplay), so be sure to level them up so they can keep pace with the rest of your team.

By creating synergy with your Coach and Captain, you can build your team that suits your playstyle. If you want to prioritize the short passing game, a West Coast Captain and a West Coast Coach will offer you plays, tactics, and bonuses that put you in the best position to succeed. You might find that passing first downs are worth more thanks to your Captain’s scoring bonus, and your coach might have buffs that increase your catching and route running on short passes. And of course, your playbook will be filled with quick outs and hitches that allow you to move the ball down the field consistently.

One note about schemes: Captains aren’t the only players in Madden NFL Overdrive that are assigned a scheme. Every player released will have a corresponding scheme, as well. Matching the rest of your roster to your Captains and Coaches will give you bonuses such as a speedier Overdrive meter.

With Captains, Coaches, and Schemes, Madden NFL Overdrive is the deepest mobile football game we’ve ever produced. There are a bunch of options and decisions to make, on and off the field. There is still more to come in our Madden NFL Overdrive explainer series, so stay tuned!

*All images were captured in a pre-release version of the game and do not represent the final product.

Madden NFL Overdrive will be a free update to Madden NFL Mobile, coming August 15th. Pre-register now.

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