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Coaches and Tactics Explained

Coaches and tactics are brand-new features to Madden NFL Overdrive. Learn all about them here!

Madden NFL Overdrive


In Madden NFL Overdrive, as in the NFL, coaches are the source of your strategy and adjustments.

While your Captain’s class determines your base playbook, your coach offers powerful tactics and special plays that are unique to that coach, based on the coach’s class. Matching classes will be an important part of team-building, and we will cover that in a future blog.

For those of you who played Madden NFL Mobile 18, you’ll recognize the concept of coaches, but their implementation has been completely overhauled in Madden NFL Overdrive. In Madden NFL Mobile 18, your coach offered passive bonuses to your team in certain situations, and you leveled up coaches by obtaining multiple versions of that coach.

We monitored feedback all season on coaches, and we believe that the new implementation of coaches in Madden NFL Overdrive will address many of the concerns we heard in the offseason.

Now, instead of having to obtain a coach through a pack, there will be a group of coaches available at the start of the game. As you play the game and level up your account, you will earn access to more coaches, each with their own set of additional plays and tactics. Coaches level up with their own special coach currency, earned by playing games of Head to Head as well as via the 24/7 Program, which returns this year. When you level up a coach, you will access additional plays for usage in your playbook as well as increase the effectiveness of their tactics.

While expanded playbooks are nice, the largest effect your coach will have in Madden NFL Overdrive is in the tactics they offer. While you may not agree with every choice your team’s favorite coach makes in real life, they are all master tacticians with their own specialities. Madden NFL Overdrive allows you to implement these tactics in real-time pvp head-to-head mode via the Overdrive meter.

As you play, you will notice a meter at the bottom of the screen filling up white nodes. As that meter fills up, you will unlock tactical choices on the playcall screen. Each tactic costs a different amount based on its ability to improve your chances to win a game.

Tactics are broken up into three different categories: attribute buffs, adjustments, and global scoring changes.

Buffs improve your chances of winning by improving your team’s performance on the field. These closely resemble coach boosts from Madden NFL Mobile 18, as they improve your team in specific ways, sometimes in specific scenarios. There might be a catch boost, which affects your offense’s catch and awareness ratings. On the other hand, there might be a boost that increases your offense’s ratings when calling a medium pass play.

Adjustments help your defense slow down the strategy of your opponent. For example, some coaches offer the ability to increase the cushion that your defenders play with, which helps prevent deep pass plays.

Each defensive tactic also features pressures, which are user-controlled “spontaneous challenges.” When a pressure is sent to your opponent, they will receive a notification in the scorebar that they need to complete a challenge. If they fail the challenge, you will earn points. This is a great way to slow down your opponent’s strategy and take them out of their comfort zone, as you can force your opponent to make a decision.

Let’s say your opponent is running the ball constantly, and you’ve tried buffs and adjustments and can’t stop them. If you force them to pass via a pressure, they will have to make a decision: is it worth it to risk the pass and deny you points, or do they continue to run, thinking that they’ll earn more by sticking with what works?

Finally, Scoring Updates are a global change to the scoring rules in a game of Head to Head in Madden NFL Overdrive. They change the pace of play and how effective different strategies might be throughout a match. You might choose to send a change to scoring that incentivizes rushing first downs in an effort to slow down an opponent’s comeback effort, but you might find that your opponent sends a Scoring Update back that halves all rushing points, which can then alter your strategy, forcing you to change things up to hold on to your lead.

Coaches bring a ton of strategic depth to Madden NFL Overdrive. Try them all to find the best fit for your playstyle and take your tactics to the field!

Madden NFL Overdrive will be a free update to Madden NFL Mobile, coming August 15th. Pre-register now.

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