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Player vs. Player FAQ

Here’s all of the most pressing Madden NFL Overdrive Player vs. Player (PvP) questions answered!

Madden NFL Overdrive


Question: How is Head to Head different this year? Is the three-drive format the same with different scoring?

Answer: Madden NFL Overdrive features a real-time player vs player (pvp) match in which both players have three minutes to score as many fantasy points as possible. Other than time, there is no limit to the number of drives and plays each player can run.

Question: Is the scoring system featured in pre-release footage permanent or could you revert back to the previous scoring systems in prior versions of Madden NFL Mobile?

Answer: We believe that fantasy scoring offers the best experience for our players, as it incentivizes different styles of play. As the season goes on, we have the option to tweak the scoring to ensure the best experience possible.

Question:  What will the League vs League gameplay format be?

Answer: At launch, League vs League games will use the same format as Madden NFL Mobile 18. However, we will be monitoring community sentiment and have the ability to change the LvL format based on feedback.

Question: How will we be able to advance in head-to-head?  Will it still be based on fans?

Answer: Yes. There will still be divisions based on fans but skill will play an important part in maintaining what division you stay in for the head-to-head season.

Question: During gameplay, will there be penalties?

Answer: Madden NFL Overdrive features the same penalties as prior seasons of Madden NFL Mobile.

Question: Will there be any ability to call audibles/change the play before the snap?

Answer: Not at launch, though this is a feature we are investigating

Question: Have drops or other gameplay mechanics been adjusted in Madden NFL Overdrive?

Answer: The legacy gameplay issues from past seasons of Madden NFL Mobile, such as WR drops, RT blocking, and defensive AI have been overhauled to address feedback. We also now have the ability to better address gameplay concerns in client updates.

Question: What role will the counter/gameplan system from previous seasons of Madden NFL Mobile have in Madden NFL Overdrive?

Answer: There are currently no plans for counters or gameplans. Tactics can be used inside real-time pvp in order to help your defense slow down an offensive strategy.

Question: Will there be an option for friendly head-to-head?

Answer: You can set up a game with league members, which will use the traditional League play format at launch. You also have the option to play unranked head-to-head to practice. Head-to-head games with friends is a feature we’d like to add.

Question: How “live” is head-to-head?

Answer: Head-to-head is a real-time pvp experience between two users playing offense only and sending tactics and pressures to their opponent. You will see your opponent’s score update in real-time based on what they do on the field.

Question: How does matchmaking and ranking up in head-to-head work this year?

Answer: The team is still working on it it but getting matched against an opponent with a similar skill rank is a priority.

Question: Will there be any changes to the Game Film feature?

Answer: At launch, Game Film will work similarly to prior Madden NFL Mobile seasons.

Question: Will there be a Draft component in Madden NFL Overdrive?

Answer: With the number of changes made for Madden NFL Overdrive, we were unable to bring Draft or Weekend Tournaments into the game at launch. Bringing this beloved feature back is a priority for the team.


Madden NFL Overdrive will be a free update to Madden NFL Mobile, coming August 15th. Pre-register now at:

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