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Most Feared

Learn all about the new Most Feared program!

Madden NFL Overdrive


Make sure to visit our upcoming events page for more details on future events in Madden NFL Overdrive!

Most Feared has arrived! The program will run from 10/19/18 through 11/2/18. This season’s event will be focused around classic horror movie monsters! You will have the opportunity to work towards four different “Bosses”, each representing a classic movie monster. There will be four separate hubs with a huge amount of events to play and over 100 new players to collect! In response to the positive community feedback from Color Clash, playing Overdrive will not be a central requirement to Most Feared. Instead, playing Overdrive will allow you to earn extra Popcorn (which will be the equivalent of Blitz Tokens for the Most Feared event).

There are four hubs and one store that make up the Most Feared program. The first hub, a movie theater, is considered the 'central' hub; it will be used as a kick off point to guide you to the other hubs. You start with 3 Movie Tickets, you can use each of them to select a movie poster based on which hub/reward you are interested in. Beating these events unlocks a new Program Tile in the main menu, which is the entry point into the other hubs. The first time you beat one of the Movie Poster events, you will be entered into a brief tutorial that explains what's happening and will navigate you to the new hub. The three Movie Posters are: Gronkenstein, Curse of the Pharoh, and Werewolfe vs Vampire.

All of the hubs listed below have some common elements. They all have an "unveiling" event first (described in further detail below). They all have blitz events which cost Popcorn* to play. Popcorn is the equivalent of blitz tokens for the Most Feared event. You will be able to play blitz events for free once and then they will have an increasing popcorn cost per additional attempt. Blitz events will refresh on a certain schedule throughout each day and the cost will reset each time they refresh. All hubs progress towards an 89 OVR Boss, with lower (80+) OVR rewards along the way. Each hub will also tie into the Most Feared store, where you will see options to upgrade the 89s further.

*Popcorn will be able to be accumulated in various ways: Initial events in each hub will reward popcorn, Overdrive will reward popcorn (and certain Most Feared players will boost your ability to earn more popcorn), player collection achievements, and some packs will also contain popcorn.


As you land on this hub for the first time, you’ll be presented with a movie curtain and an event. Upon completion of the event, the curtain is lifted, and the Gronkenstein lab is revealed. But the lab is in disarray, there are broken items throughout the area. To the right of the hub is a tank, containing the Gronkenstein monster. By clicking on the broken items and playing the corresponding events, you will earn popcorn as you clean up the lab. Once the lab is cleaned, it's time for the real work to begin and charge up the tank holding the Gronkenstein monster. You will play blitz events, which award lightning and a chance at a Most Feared player. As you acquire the requisite amounts of  lightning, the events to the left of the tank will light up showing they are ready to be played to level up Gronk. As each level is charged, you will unlock a new event that awards a Gronkenstein of progressing OVRs per level (80,83,86). Once the tank is fully charged, the final event is unlocked, and the 89 OVR Gronkenstein can be acquired by playing the event. While acquiring the different versions of Gronkenstein, you will be prompted that the Gronkenstein can be exchanged for Scales, which can be used in the store to upgrade the 89 OVR Hub Bosses to 90+ OVR.

Curse of the Pharoh

You will be shown a pyramid-themed layout, with a number of hieroglyphs shown along the bottom and a "maze" shown on the top. You must "decipher" each hieroglyph (play the associated event) to unlock the entrance to the Pyramid's "maze." By playing the different events in the maze, you will progress further towards the Boss events. Along the way, some events will lead to chambers. These chambers reward Jewels, Tomes, and Jars. All of these collectibles will automatically cut into scarabs at different rates. By collecting enough Jewels, Tomes, and Jars, the Boss events are unlocked. These Boss events will require you to spend Scarabs to play them and will award Pharoh Cooper players of progressing OVRs (84,85,86), with the final result being the 89 OVR. Like other hub bosses, these can be cut into Scales, which can be used in the store where the 90+ versions of the Boss are available.

Werewolfe vs Vampire

This hub is themed around a battle between the Werewolfe (Derek Wolfe) and the Vampire (Aaron Rodgers). This hub is unique in that it features two separate bosses for you to work towards. The layout shows our two opposing bosses on either side of the hub, and a full moon visible in the sky. You will initially be presented with some "Gather your army" type of events. Once all of these are completed, they are replaced with our Battle events - these are shown by the red/vampire events, and the blue/wolf events. These are blitz events, that are available for certain times throughout the day. Depending on which event is played, you will be awarded with bat or wolf collectibles. Once enough of the bat/wolves are collected, you will be able to challenge the Minions of the bosses. Minions are 80+ OVR players that are attainable on this hub. There are four minions for each army for a total of eight. Unlike the other hubs, these are not progressive 80+ versions of the 89 Boss. Instead, they are different players of progressive OVR. After beating all the Minions, you can challenge the Boss of that army, and be awarded with the 89 OVR Boss when you win. There is a hidden bonus event in the full moon, available only at night. Like the other hubs, you will have the option to exchange acquired players for Scales.

The Store

The store uses a single currency, Swamp Scales. At the beginning of the store, you will be shown an infographic that describes how scales are acquired and used. It also highlights the ultimate Master of the program, our “Most Feared Swamp Master" monster, a 92 OVR Brian Dawkins. In addition, you will see that by acquiring Swamp Scales, you can collect some bonus awards. Eventually, after a certain amount of scales are acquired the upgrade offers for the 89 OVR Bosses are available. These offers require you to acquire a certain amount of scales, and to cut/exchange the 89 Bosses acquired in the hubs to obtain the 90 OVR version. You can then acquire more scales and cut the 90 OVR to acquire the 91 OVR version. Finally, once you have acquired enough scales and cut all four 91 OVR bosses, you will be rewarded with a 92 OVR Brian Dawkins AND a 92 OVR of all the bosses. 

Limited Edition Throwback Players and Stadium

Keep an eye out in the store for limited edition pack only throwback players (90 & 91 OVR). Additionally, you will have the opportunity to earn Wembley Stadium and Most Feared themed banners!

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