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Preseason Program 2018

Get ready for the upcoming season of Madden Mobile with our Preseason Program!

Madden Mobile


Madden NFL Mobile will soon be transitioning to a brand new season. Just like the NFL, the summer months are your chance to build your skills, rework your roster and get a preview of what’s coming next season!

This Preseason will take into account everything you have done up to this point and will do throughout this current season of Madden NFL Mobile. The game will use your activity throughout this and will award you points that will translate into tickets that you will be able to turn into items to kickstart the new season. Your Preseason Points will be tracked all the way through to the last day of this season, which will come before the launch of next season in August.

You’ll also notice a change when you login to the game on June 6. The traditional Live Event map of the United States will be replaced with a Now/Later Football field.

The “Now” part of the field will include new Blitz Live Events that reward Madden NFL Instant Replay Collectibles. You can trade in the Instant Replay Collectibles in Season Review Sets to earn Rewards. This is a great way to complete a host of different collections from this past season of Madden NFL Mobile including: Rising Star,  TOTW, Powerline, Flashbacks and more!

The “Later” part of the field will serve as a preview of what’s to come in the new season (FYI it’s awesome). In fact, for next season, Madden NFL Mobile will become Madden NFL Overdrive"! Checkout our New Season Overview for more info.

We have some more events lined up for you throughout the rest of the offseason so keep logging in daily.

Madden NFL Overdrive will be available August 15, 2018 on the App Store and Google Play.

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