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Tat Gor: The Face of FIFA Hong Kong

An interview with FIFA streamer, Tat Gor, discussing his love of games, and his thoughts on FIFA 19.

Community Spotlight

Hong Kong native, Tat Gor, is a game streamer, entertainer, singer, and live broadcaster. He’s a long-time lover of the FIFA franchise and currently stands as the FUT United Hong Kong Captain. His videos are highly entertaining, and he is known for his sense of humor.

We sat down with Tat Gor to hear what inspired him to start streaming, what attracts him to gaming, and his thoughts on FIFA 19


What or who inspired you to start streaming?

When I was a schoolboy, I used to play video games with my friends. After school, they always came over, and we played until very late. Although we played video games like crazy, we luckily still got into university. However, once we graduated, we seldom had time to play games together. I started working for a Television Station. There were tons of tasks and jobs for me, and I worked overtime every day. I suddenly realized that I rarely had a chance to pick up my game controllers. I decided then that I didn’t want my whole life to be fully occupied by my work.

Luckily, the streaming technology started to become user-friendly and accessible. Streaming makes me recall my childhood, not only my friends but also thousands of audiences that can play together with me. People are chatting, laughing, and it is full of happiness. 

Fans watching Tat Gor play FIFA at ANI-COM in Hong Kong

What attracts you to gaming?

I like gaming because it is actually the common language of the whole world! Everybody in the world can play games, and it is easy to make friends with foreign people. Even if you don’t understand each other’s language, you can still communicate your thinking and emotions through games. We can share our joy and happiness.

Moreover, gaming brings me a sense of focus and excitement. While I am playing games, I can feel the adrenaline and blood pumping through my body. It gives me the feeling as if I were a cowboy having a duel. When I am fully concentrated on a game, it frees me from pressure and negative emotions.

Even if you don’t understand each other’s language, you can still communicate your thinking and emotions through games.

How long have you been playing video games?

I have been playing video games since I was three years old. I’ve always played with my older brother, and even beat him when I was three!

How did you first get introduced to FIFA?

The first time I got introduced to the FIFA franchise was with FIFA 08. It was a revolutionary game compared to all the previous soccer games.

Moreover, the pacing of the game was so realistic. It is not that easy to score a goal even when you are facing a computer. At that time, online multiplayer game mode was not that common in soccer games, but FIFA 08’s online multiplayer mode was really good. 

Live Streaming at the FIFA 19 digital midnight launch event in Hong Kong

Do you have any gameplay tips for new FIFA players?

  • Practice makes perfect. The harder you work, the more skillful you become.
  • When you are playing FIFA, try to look everywhere on the field, not only around the ball.
  • Don’t be afraid to be defeated. Some people like to quit the game when they are losing. You should try your best to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. If you can control your temper, you will become a better player.
  • You might also get some tips from YouTube. Try to learn from the Pro players like me. Go to my YouTube channel, undergrounddv, and search for some FIFA tutorials (LOL).

Is there anything about yourself that would surprise people?

Apart from being a gamer, I am also an actor, model, video producer, columnist, and also the founder of a mobile games company. I can speak a variety of languages including Cantonese, English, Japanese and Arabic. 

Tat Gor doing a promotion for Chinese game “Moonlight Blade”

What makes your videos unique compared to other FIFA streamers?

There are not many Cantonese FIFA streamers.

Also, my style is quite funny. I tend to make my videos suitable for everyone. I hope people can be happy after watching my videos.

What are you enjoying the most in FIFA 19?

I also like playing Pro Club mode with my friends. I like the sense of cooperating with each other. We can share our daily lives with each other. It reminds me of the old days’ happiness when I was small.

Tat Gor with footballer Marc Cucurella on the La Liga tour

What advice would you give someone just starting out in streaming or creating content?

BE YOURSELF. Just try to express your own character. Don’t try to imitate anyone else!

If there was one special, unforgettable moment in your time as FIFA HK captain, what would it be?

It would be the moment I was invited to participate in the FUT featured squad. I am the first Asian Gamer who has appeared on the featured squad. I am very grateful for that. It has allowed me to express my creativity and football knowledge to develop an undefeatable team.


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