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NBA LIVE 14 Announces Athlete Lineup



EA SPORTS has partnered with six of the NBA's best young players in advance of NBA LIVE 14's release.

Over the past couple months we’ve shared some of the work we’ve done with NBA players, and today we’re announcing six of the league’s youngest and most talented point guards who will represent NBA LIVE 14: Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, John Wall, Kemba Walker, Ricky Rubio, and Victor Oladipo. We’ve been very fortunate to have them contribute to, and inspire, the development of NBA LIVE 14.

We’ve relied on them for input and feedback, mocap sessions where we’re able to capture their unique signature moves, head scans and more, and their work helped us push the game farther than we ever could have without them. There’s no better way to make a sports game look and feel authentic than by tapping into the actual professional athletes you’re bringing to life on the screen.

When we started planning for NBA LIVE 14, we were focused on the future with specific principles for our return:

- A fresh start allowing us to build a foundation for the franchise focused solely on the next generation of gaming.

- Giving you complete control and authentic responsiveness through our revolutionary bounceTek physics-based dribble system.

- Deliver a game that stays relevant and updated throughout the NBA season. Not just every few weeks or months, but every single day. The connected experience is critical to the NBA LIVE experience and the next generation of gaming.

- Create a fun and accessible NBA video game for our fans rooted in authenticity while capturing the sport both on and off the court.

All of these ideas culminated in a mindset of “Nothing but Next” in everything we do. These six rising stars represent the future of the basketball, as each is poised to be a major force in the game for years to come. The access and time they have provided has been unprecedented in my career, they’ve been incredibly gracious with their time and candid feedback. On a side note, these are some of the nicest guys I have ever met and we couldn’t be prouder to be working with them. I’m looking forward for you to see and feel their influences.

Sean O'Brien
Executive Producer - NBA LIVE


As the best young talent in the NBA, who better to help inspire and contribute to the game’s creation than Kyrie Irving. We worked directly with Kyrie to capture his exact on court behavior, movement and style, all aimed at making the game as authentic as possible.


Damian makes sure the team has every little detail true to life. NBA players bring a variety of style and personality to the court and it’s critical that the game gets it right. His commitment to hard work was apparent during his mocap session, and his competitive side came out during an impromptu 30-min game of HORSE in the office.


We met up with Kemba during the Under Armour Elite 24 showcase in Brooklyn this summer, where we gathered his feedback on NBA LIVE, discussed his wish list for the game, and were able to get a great head scan as well.


Ricky’s trademark vision, flash and craftiness motivated the team to rethink how the AI system could be implemented in order to capture the real world abilities of the league’s stars.


The cornerstone of the Washington Wizards, Wall’s visit to the studio was a productive one, as we captured his likeness and got hands-on feedback on the game.


(Actual in-game image)

Highly touted rookie Victor Oladipo is set to take on the league and the opportunity to work with the #2 overall draft pick this past year is something we’re looking forward to. He brings a fresh perspective to our team and a work ethic that’s second to none.


NBA LIVE 14 is partnering with some of the best young talent in the league to bring “Nothing but Next” to the court when the game launches on Tuesday, November 19, for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Preorder today, and be sure to check the NBA LIVE website, Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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