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NBA LIVE 14 Live Updates and Rosters

Hey NBA LIVE fans, another Live Update was delivered to your console today. First up, we’ve updated rosters and ratings, officially moving Danny Granger to the Clippers and tweaking ratings for guys like Joakim Noah, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and more. With the new update all NBA rosters are up-to-date as of this week, and we’ve touched over 500 ratings changes over the last couple weeks.

In addition to the rosters and ratings updates we’re including the new Noche Enebea and St Patrick’s Day jerseys. Here’s a full list of teams who are getting updated uniforms.

Noche Enebea

  • Bulls
  • Lakers
  • Heat
  • Knicks
  • Suns
  • Spurs

St. Patrick’s Day

  • Bulls
  • Celtics

We know you’ve been waiting for a while to see updated rosters and player ratings, which have not been updated as frequently as we originally planned. But, now that we’ve launched Title Update 2 and the Live Update system, we’re able to return to regularly updated content similar to what we delivered at launch. We released a roster and ratings update last week, followed-up with another update today and plan to stay on top of these changes moving forward.

A large part of our commitment to remain relevant to what’s happening in the NBA rests on our Live Update system. The system allows us to add new content to the game without the usual hurdles that come with patches and other data updates. To better understand how our Live Update system works and to ensure that you are receiving the full update offering, please check out the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this post.


We also understand that there has been some confusion around Synergy Sports updates and how it relates to ratings. The important thing to know is that while Synergy Sports contributes to player tendencies and AI – as well as driving our LIVE Season challenges – roster updates are still manually done by our development team. We do, and will continue to, use Synergy Sports to inform all of our ratings decisions and input, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Think of the player ratings as a modifier to all of the Synergy Sports data that’s coming down the pipe in real time.


Now, let’s dive into how Synergy Sports actually works and what’s being updated immediately after each NBA contest. Synergy Sports automatically updates player tendencies, which directly affects gameplay, so players on the virtual court behave as realistically as possible.

For example, Synergy Sports sets the shooting percentages for distances for each player, which are then modified by the player rating. Additionally, every frame, it uses the tendency updates to help the player evaluate what direction they want to drive, what shoulder they shoot over and more.  As mentioned before, this evaluation is constant, using the data updated within an hour of a game’s completion. This is just a small sample of all that Synergy Sports drives for individual players.

Synergy Sports also powers our LIVE Season mode, both NBA Rewind and BIG Moments. After each game, Synergy Sports pulls data on some of the best performances, which we then review and feed into the challenges. This is a bit of a hybrid manual/automated process, as we want to make sure the challenges offered are entertaining and fun for players. Between the challenges, and the tendency data, Synergy Sports has allowed us to make over 13,000 updates and 1,300 challenges during the first half of the NBA season, and we won’t be slowing down. The process is only getting faster and more efficient as we work with it, and we’re completely committed to offering fans the most accurate reflection of the NBA possible.

We will continue to support NBA LIVE 14 and are working hard to finish the season strong. Work on the next game is already well underway and we’re happy with the progress thus far, but it is important to us that we balance our resources to continue to improve your NBA LIVE 14 experience through updates that will keep the game that’s already in your hands relevant. Thank you for your continued support, and enjoy all of the changes you just received today!


To ensure that you always have the most up-to-date data through our Live Update system, make sure you always take the following steps.

  • Always wait for the Live Updates to finish downloading completely, not doing so can cause your data to become out of sync.
  • If the game has been uninstalled and re-installed, and you return in a ‘Suspend’ state, please close the application and follow the standard boot-up sequence. This will guarantee you have latest data.

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