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Get Bonus Content by Being an EA Access Subscriber*

Score an EA Access exclusive NBA LIVE 19 Reward Collection for your squad and player.

NBA LIVE 19 Hits The Vault

In NBA LIVE 19, you can become THE ONE and embark on a dynamic career experience that gives you the opportunity to create your legacy on The Streets and in The League, plus, take customization of your player to an entirely higher level. Become an EA Access* member in order to gain an exclusive NBA LIVE 19 reward.

Don’t forget about building your squad – this is a feature which allows you to play with your own created court with a squad you have to compete to earn. As you play in Live Events, you’ll get players added to your team. As an EA Access member, you’ll get to add Devin Booker to your squad instantly as well as getting some sweet Nikes.

EA Access members can go ahead and play in the Vault, too, as NBA LIVE 19 has now been added to this collection of awesome games. There are no time limits, no stopping points, and they’re full games there to play whenever you want.

In order to take advantage of these bonuses, you’ll need to make sure you have an active subscription and play NBA LIVE 19 between March 7 and March 19.

If you’re not an EA Access subscriber, join today! For more information on how to be a part of EA Access, check out the EA Access page that also includes a list of games included within your subscription. Don’t forget that new games are often added, too!

Frequently Asked Questions on EA Access Reward Collection

  • Question:  What is the bonus content?
  • Answer: Devin Booker for Court Battles and exclusive gear.


  • Question: How do I qualify for the bonus content?
  • Answer: Any EA Access member who has an active subscription and plays NBA LIVE 19 between March 7 and March 19 qualifies.


  • Question: How do I get/claim the bonus content?
  • Answer:  It is granted in game automatically; new EA Access members will just need to click on the pop-up window when booting the game and download the NBA LIVE 19 EA Access offer.


  • Question: Where can I find the bonus content in the game? 
  • Answer:  The Devin Booker can be found in Court Battles, under edit lineup.  The gear can be found within the Edit Player section of The One under Outfits.


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