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March 2018 Update - NBA LIVE Mobile Deep Dive

It's almost time for the NBA Playoffs, the time where NBA competition ratchets up another notch. In NBA LIVE Mobile, we are also bringing our level of competition up with the introduction of our brand-new mode: Weekly Showdown! The higher you rank in the current Head to Head, the better the rewards! These rewards will help give you a head start in Weekly Showdown.

From Monday, March 26th through March 29th, Head to Head will be shut down in NBA LIVE Mobile, but, on Friday, March 30th, we will be returning with our first Weekly Showdown competition. Using either your NBA or Classic lineup, each Head to Head match will now be one quarter and opponents will now be found via Matchmaking instead of opponents appearing on the map.

As you rank up and earn more fans, you'll be able to earn your way to one of our Weekly Showdown Heroes. Only the best of the best will able to earn these items every week, but even if you don't quite get all the way there, you'll still earn progress towards these players in the forms of tokens that you'll be able to use to further your progress.

In addition to the off-the-court changes, we've also further refined the feedback on shots. Now, every jumpshot will have an additional feedback zone representing the chance of that shot going in, with feedback indicating the reason for the shot chance. For example, a closely guarded 3 by a bad shooter will have a much lower chance of going in, and the game will advise you that you have attempted a closely-guarded shot by a bad shooter. This should remove much of the guesswork around shooting, and it should give you precise feedback that you can use to elevate your game. OVR differences will matter in Weekly Showdown as well, as higher OVR teams will enjoy certain advantages such as getting the ball first and tighter defensive pressure.

As this season of NBA LIVE Mobile continues to roll on, we are committed to improving your experience playing it. In addition to the changes in this update, be on the lookout for more in the form of our regular content updates as well as our special promotions!

-- NBA LIVE Mobile Team

NBA LIVE Mobile is available now on iOS, Google Play and Windows Phone. Stay in the conversation, like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

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