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Courtside September 27th

What's new NBA LIVE Mobile fans? Are you as excited for the upcoming NBA season as we are?! What an off-season. Kevin Durant to the Warriors, a team in Cleveland are actually champions of the world, and Ben Simmons looks like he's ready to step in and help the Sixers right away. 

Simply put, the off-season was hectic. Here at EA SPORTS, we've also had a busy off-season, even though there's never a day off when it comes to bringing you the best basketball product on your mobile devices. Today, we're proud to bring you our BIGGEST update since launch, and want to spend the next few paragraphs detailing all of the changes, additions and improvements that we're bringing to NBA LIVE Mobile starting today.

What's New in NBA LIVE Mobile:

Starting today, we've updated the game's rosters and in-game UI to reflect the 2016-17 NBA season. New courts, logos, jerseys and updated player cards will reflect the off-season moves, including rookie additions and a brand new Event Rookie Lineup (more on this below).

  • We've added Daily Objectives. 
  • New splash screens and NBA LIVE Mobile icon.
  • For the first time in NBA LIVE Mobile, we've added new languages! Russian and Turkish support is here now, with more to follow shortly. 
  • A TON of gameplay enhancements and improvements, including huge community-requested features: new mechanics for alley-oops, late game AI improvements and much, much more!

Here's a detailed look at everything included in today's update:


  • Major passing improvements:
  • Passing interceptions have been fixed. You can now quickly pass the ball around the perimeter to help create plays and pass to players cutting through the lane and into the paint.
  • Turnovers when driving:
  • Users will not lose the ball when bumping into players while driving to the hoop, but the AI can steal the ball form you now. 
  • Drive blocking:
  • We reduced the AI blocking attempt percentage on dunks and layups to improve driving to the hoop. 
  • Alley-oop mechanics:
  •  A HUGE community request, you can now swipe from “drive” to “pass” to execute an alley-oop pass. NOTE: You don't have to hold down drive, just a quick swipe will work.
  • Results depend on the passing rating of the player executing the alley-oop pass and the dunk/layup rating of the player performing the catch and dunk, so if you plan on throwing alley-oops with big centers, you probably won't have much success. 
  • Shot feedback:
  • The in-game UI will now display why you missed a shot based off of a number of factors. 
  • Bad timing, guarded, low attribute, range, off-balance, bad angle are all factors that could determine shot success that will now be communicated to you. 
  • This will help teach players when to take shots, where to take shots and who to take shots with. 
  • Steal and Block Feedback: 
  • Players will now be informed why a steal or block occurred based off of ratings:
  • Steal Rating vs Pass Rating
  • Steal Rating vs Dribble Rating
  • Blocker Rating
  • Blocking and Stealing AI Reaction Time:
  • AI blocking attempts are not always timed 1-to-1 with your shot now, so you will see some slightly delayed and more realistic looking block and lane steal attempts. 
  • Late Game AI Pressure Added:
  • If you are leading with a minute left in the fourth quarter, the AI defense will start to play tighter pressure. 
  • If you are leading with 25-35 seconds left in the fourth and your opponent still has a chance to tie or win, they will start double teaming your players to try and get a turnover, so no more just standing around and letting you drain out the clock. 
  • Rebound Shot Fixed:
  • Rebound to accidental shot issue has been fixed. There's now a delay on the shot button to make sure you don't shoot instantly from a rebound, but WILL be active in the final seconds of a quarter. 
  • Shot Meter Improvements:
  • Increased fidelity of the shot bonus release window. The closer to the hoop, the larger the boost shot release window. The bonus percentages now work appropriately as well. 
  • Fadeaway Shot Meter Added:
  • You now have full control over fadeaway jumpers and running jump shots. 
  • Post-Play Shot Meter:
  • Shots in the post now include a shot meter as well. 
  • Larger Hit Zone on Buttons:
  • You can now press below and to the right of the gameplay buttons towards the edge of the screen and the button will still work. No more issues sliding your finger up from drive to shoot and missing the shot button. 
  • 3-Point Tuning
  • Dunk and Layup Tuning
  • Shots in the Paint Tuning
  • Contested Shot Tuning


  • Items of players who have moved teams have been removed from Packs (example: Kevin Durant on Oklahoma City)
  • For each player who has moved teams, a new item has been created with their updated team logo. So if Kevin Durant had 10 Oklahoma City base items, he will now have 10 Golden State base items.
  • We are not adjusting existing items (all KD items on Oklahoma City will not be touched), just adding new items.
  • Overall, roughly 350-ish “new” items have been added to Packs.
  • CPU Team Rosters updated:
  • All CPU team rosters have been updated for Seasons and Live Events.
  • 5 new Impact Players:
  • We had a few Impact players who have moved teams in the off-season so we will be removing those 5 and adding 5 new ones. These include:
  • Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls
  • Rudy Gay, Sacramento Kings
  • Paul Millsap Atlanta Hawks
  • Wesley Matthews Dallas Mavericks
  • Trevor Ariza, Houston Rockets


  • 46 NEW Rookie players added from the 2016 NBA Draft.  
  • 5 “Rookie Phenoms” player items added into Packs and Sets.
  • Elite version of 5 of the best Rookie players from the draft.
  • 1 “Rookie Master” player – 90 OVR Ben Simmons with the ‘In The Paint’ special ability.
  • Adding a 6th lineup (Rookie) for a limited time that can be used to earn exclusive Rookie program rewards
  • This will be the first time we are using the “Program Live Lineup” feature.
  • Players will able to earn a new type of currency (lottery balls) during the program to earn Rookie Rewards (and a token for the Master Ben Simmons set).
  • Users will be able to earn “Lottery balls” by completing Daily and Weekly objectives that are being added to the game for the first time.
  • There will be 11 new sets released at launch. Users will be able to:
  • Stockpile Draft Picks Trade in Rookie players for a Draft Pick (collectible).
  • Acquire Rookie Prospects Exchange Draft Picks for different Rookie packs varying in quality.
  • Climb The Draft Board Upgrade Silver Draft Picks into Gold Draft Picks, and Gold into Elite.
  • Draft The Next Star: Collect Elite Draft Picks and Gold Rookie players to earn an ELITE Rookie player.
  • NBA Rookie Master: Collect 5 specific Elite Rookie players and the #1 Draft Pick to earn ROOKIE MASTER BEN SIMMONS!

As you can see, we put a lot into this update to ensure you have a fresh, exciting experience awaiting you once you hit the courts today. We are extremely excited for you to try it out, and we're only a month away from the brand new season!


-- NBA LIVE Mobile Team

NBA LIVE Mobile is available now on iOS, Google Play and Windows Phone.

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