Title Update 4

Need For Speed™ No Limits

It's time to unleash the beast this update, as iconic supercars from both the USA and Italy descend upon Need For Speed No Limits!

An Underground Race for the Ages

An infamous outlaw road rally, is coming to Blackridge, and you've been given the wildcard entry to compete with some of the fiercest drivers! Loaned the prodigious Lamborghini Diablo Super Veloce, it's up to you to push your way from the bottom to the top - 100 to 1 - in seven days. It won't just be the 99 other drivers trying to stop you, however. The Blackridge PD are hellbent on shutting the race down, and have deployed their new Electro Static Field technology to ensure no one crosses the finish line. If you manage to win the event you'll earn $1 million in-game cash as well as one of the greatest Italian cars ever to run the streets.


Fastlane Special Events

The Jaguar F-TYPE R first made rounds during the Lunar New Year in NFSNL, setting the streets on fire as the Fire Monkeys crew rolled through Blackridge. For those who missed out on then, we're offering you another opportunity to earn this ride in-game in our first Fastlane event of the update! Our second Fastlane participant is the 2006 Ford GT. A true American hero, it sits as one of the most powerful and applauded cars to come out of the country.


Missions, and Other Bonuses

Missions are our new way of recording and rewarding all your lifetime actions in-game. Think of them like achievements where reaching these tiered feats of strength will net you with a variety in-game rewards. Looking for some guidance on what to conquer next? Missions are where it's at! You'll find them alongside your daily assignments.

Other additions to the update include:

  • Two new car series events for both the Lamborghini Diablo SV, and the Ford GT.
  • Two additional Monthly In-Game Gold Card options for players.
  • Performance optimization across several Android devices
  • Improved launch loading times 
  • Various bug fixes to help improve in-game stability

Now's your chance to dance with devil in the pale moonlight, so head out to Blackridge, and thrash some tires!

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