Lil Wayne Update

Need For Speed™ No Limits

Lil Wayne rides into Need For Speed No Limits with a challenge: Do you have what it takes to join his crew and conquer the streets? Roll with Lil Wayne, live like a rock star and take on the crews of Blackridge

2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupé:
Prove yourself with the exclusive Lil Wayne Special Event. Weezy himself is sponsoring a street racing event in Blackridge, and has labelled you the VIP person to beat! Better yet, he's invited you to join his crew for the event, which means the celebrity treatment! Complete the first race in the event to receive seven days’ worth of daily in-game bonuses, claimable each day. Stage up your C63 S Coupé throughout the event, while fending off some of the town's toughest rivals, and you'll have earned yourself the coveted Mercedes-AMG in-game! The Lil Wayne special event starts January 26 (AEDT).

2016 BMW M2 Coupé:
The next generation of M dominance. The M2 sits at the front of BMW's aim to further diversify its sports portfolio, and in doing so has put out one of the finest coupés in years. Perfectly shifting all the grunt of its larger siblings into a smaller body, the M2 carries the M legacy loud and proud under the hood, making enthusiasts salivate at the chance to try and wrangle this brute. The BMW M2 Coupé will be available to earn in-game through a Fastlane limited-time special event starting February 8 (AEDT).

2006 Ford GT:
The horse breaker is back! Those who missed the opportunity to earn it in-game last year, have a second chance to claim the iconic American supercar, and add it to your garage. The Fastlane limited-timed special event starts February 20 (AEDT)

Blackridge Rivals:

Get the VIP treatment from Lil Wayne and his crew - Gudda Gudda and Hoody Baby - as you tackle an all-new season of Blackridge Rivals. During this time, complete a new and exclusive mission series to earn gold in-game as well as VIP points, which will contribute towards your permanent VIP status within the game!

Ride in style and rule the streets with Lil Wayne and his crew, only in Need For Speed No Limits!

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