Aston Martin Vulcan
Race T3 | 385

What is Build of the Week?

Need for Speed Payback's Build of the Week showcases a uniquely modified car that you’ll also have a chance to customize when you get in the driver’s seat.

Modifications List

Carbon with Nitro Perk

Lvl 18

Carbon with Nitro and Brake Perks

Lvl 15

Nextech with Speed Perk

Lvl 16

Carbon with Brake Perk

Lvl 18

Outlaw with Acceleration Perk

Lvl 16

Nextech with Brake Perk

Lvl 17

About the Aston Martin Vulcan

This weeks build is a special one, this time we’re showcasing this crazy Aston Martin Vulcan. Built as the pinnacle of engineering this 800bhp track ready beauty promises extreme performance and handling, prepared for the track but ready to take on the roads of Fortune Valley. The race inspired wrap perfectly accentuates the lines and curves of the carefully crafted and aerodynamic body.

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Build of the Week #6

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