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Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

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on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC
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Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

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Live Tuning

We’ve talked about taking your dream car from Scrap to Stock to Supercar, adding that extra personal touch with vanity items and upgrading the performance. But you’re still going to have to drive your car and no matter how good it looks, or what it’s got under the hood, the way it feels is always going to be of paramount priority.

The handling tuning options in Need for Speed Payback allow you to setup your car, so it feels just the way you want it to. Bring up the tuning sliders at any time, even when out driving in the world and with the push of a button, you’ve got yourself a new handling setup. No need to even turn your engine off.

Handling tuning is all about fidelity and feeling how the car behaves. The ability to live tune ‘on the fly’ will no doubt help you find your own piece of personal perfection. Feeling brave? Bring up the sliders mid-drift and hope for the best.

Each car class has its own unique set of sliders, allowing you to tune the handling of each class in the ways you’d expect. Get behind the wheel of your drag monster and change the gearing or modify the weight balance on your drift machine. Whichever choice you make you’ll always retain the integrity of your car’s class as your fine tuning.

To learn more about customization in Need for Speed Payback, head on over to our Customization 101 page and start planning out your dream build.


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