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Dealerships, Garages & Part Shops

Cars and customization are two ingredients which help define Need for Speed and when it comes to Payback you’ll have more ways than ever before to interact with both of these elements. Whether it’s buying cars, picking up new parts or finding a sweet new garage to store your collection of cars in.

As you play through Need for Speed Payback there’ll be times when you’re going to find yourself wanting a new car. Whether it’s because there’s a new event that’s opened up and you require a car of a certain class or perhaps you just want to add a little extra variety into your line up.

To purchase a car you’ll be needing to travel to one of the dealerships that are located throughout Fortune Valley. Feeling like something a bit more Exotic? You’ll be needing to head on over to the FVX Exotics to pick up your new set of wheels. Further Dealerships can also be found specialising in Classic, Muscle, Rally, Sports and Sports Compact.

Not all cars are available at all dealerships so be sure to keep checking back to see what’s on sale.

Part Shops
Owning a car is all well and good but under the hood is what really matters. Part Shops, of which there are multiple located across Fortune Valley are the go-to place to try your luck at finding that sought-after part or component.

As you progress through Need for Speed Payback you will earn parts by winning events but Part Shops become an alternative for when you’re looking for specific. With a little luck, the stock on offer will be just what you’re needing.

Be sure to check back regularly as the stock is constantly changing – who knows what you’ll uncover. Alongside a selection of performance parts, you’ll also be able to browse through a selection of items such as bonnets, spoilers, fenders and other visual parts from your garage.

Acquiring new parts is all well and good but what you’re really going to want to do is to equip the parts. Part Shops offer this functionality, allowing you to take any of the parts you’ve recently purchased or won and equip them to your car, without ever needing to go back to your garage.

Under the hood may be what turns your car into a monster of the streets (or off-road) but there’s no denying that rocking up to the starting line in a car that looks like perfection, well, there’s no better feeling.

Your home away from home the garage is where the magic happens and more importantly, it’s where you store your cars and parts. The garage is the place you’ll be visiting should you wish to change car, configure parts on your car, use the paint and wrap editor, visually customize, construct a Derelict or sell any cars that you own.

So what’s better than one garage…multiple garages!

As you progress through Need for Speed Payback you’ll have the ability to purchase new garages, increasing the number of cars you can store in your virtual warehouse. Once you’ve acquired all five garages you’ll be granted access to the unlimited virtual warehouse space, allowing you to own an unlimited number of cars.

Gas Stations
Fans of previous Need for Speed games will be familiar with Gas Stations and they’ll once again make a return in Payback.

Driving through a Gas Station will refill your nitrous to full along with repairing any visual damage your car may have sustained.

To learn more about customization in Need for Speed Payback, head on over to our Customization 101 page and start planning out your dream build.

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