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on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC
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Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

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Performance Customization

Performance Parts in Need for Speed Payback provide you with some of the deepest and most strategic choices seen in a Need for Speed game to date.

Any newly purchased car will come with a selection of stock parts already applied to it, but to compete with the best you’re going to want to apply some upgrades. Parts come in six categories; Block, Head, Turbo, Exhaust, ECU, Transmission and you’ll be wanting upgrades across the board to ensure you remain competitive.

There are many ways to acquire parts, such as winning events which will award parts at random. You will also be able to purchase items through the Part Shops ever changing stock.

There’s also the Targeted Roll system which allows for a little more choice in terms of your chosen part, but comes at the expense of a few of your unwanted parts which need to be recycled.

The level of your parts is one of the most important factors when it comes to upgrading your performance. The higher the level, the more performance you’re going to get.

The level of your parts also help determine the tier of your car. If you’ve got a car with a set of level 1 parts applied to it, it’ll be Tier 1.0. Equip another car with level 18 (maximum level) parts and the tier will increase to 3.99.

Take your performance further by equipping parts with associated perks.

Perks provide an additional bonus to many of your cars key performance areas; Top Speed, Acceleration, nitrous, Air and Braking. Get lucky and find parts with multiple perks to really push your performance to the next level.

Brand synergy is also of vital importance. Equip multiple parts from the same brand to receive an additional bonus to your performance. The performance increase all depends on the type of brand and what they specialize in, so pick carefully.

Build up your dream car from stock all the way up to supercar. Equip a few Air perks to your off-road baby and watch her fly over those desert crests. Match those Americana branded parts for a huge Nitrous bonus for your Racing beast. Build your car, your way and fill your garages with a collection of very sweet machines.

To learn more about customization in Need for Speed Payback, head on over to our Customization 101 page and start planning out your dream build.

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