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on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC
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Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

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Heads to Gamescom

Need For Speed Payback

It’s time for another road trip and this time the Need for Speed Payback team are descending onto Cologne for gamescom.

Set in the heart of Cologne in Germany, gamescom is one of the biggest gaming events of the year and we’ll be in attendance throughout its entirety. We kick things off on August 21st with the EA Live Show, trust us on this one – you don’t want to miss it.

During the week we’ll also have multiple playable experiences on the Need for Speed section at the EA Booth, check us out in Hall 6, we’ll be pretty hard to miss. There's been a lot of talk about cops as of late and seeing as you asked so nicely, consider it done.

What can you play?
Within Hall Six we’ll have two different gameplay experiences on offer. Starting with the Highway Heist which we took to EA play. This is a great opportunity for our European Community to get behind the wheel of the Mustang as the crew look set to pull off something truly incredible.

Alongside the heist we’ll have a high speed, action packed race. We know that racing gameplay has been on the lips for many of you and we can’t wait for you to get behind the wheel and experience some adrenaline filled racing.

For those with entry into our Community Lounge we’ll also have additional experiences on offer behind closed doors. No details on what these are just yet, but expect content from both to start appearing across your favourite YouTube channels and gaming websites starting gamescom week.

Get Involved
There’s only enough space at gamescom for some of our players and we’re aware that many of our favourite Community members will be watching the events unfold from the comfort of their favourite chair.

If you’re not at gamescom but do want to get involved, be sure to keep an eye on our social channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we’ll be bringing you live coverage straight from the show floor.

Did you miss it?
Build of the Week is here and each week we’ll be showcasing one of the cars of Need for Speed Payback. We’ve since showcased the Chevrolet Bel Air, NISSAN Fairlady and the NISSAN Skyline GT-R V-Spec.

We recently detailed customization and alongside this had some exciting announcements to make, including the addition of Vanity Items – yes, this includes Underglow.

With the confirmation of Underglow in Need for Speed Payback, all pre-orders will now also come with an exclusive Platinum Blue colour set.

We'll see you at gamescom. Stay up to date with Need for Speed & EA by signing up for the newsletter.

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