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on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC
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Out now on PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC

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Multiplayer Speedlists - Need for Speed Payback

Under the Hood

We’re back for another Under the Hood and this time we’re going to be talking about Multiplayer.

When we released Need for Speed (2015) one of the more popular bits of feedback was for us to include Speedlists as a multiplayer option, which we did. We’re bringing Speedlists back for Need for Speed Payback but there’s been some changes, let’s take a look.

Event Voting
First thing to note is that you can now vote for the next event, giving you a choice to have your say on what comes next. Players in the bottom half of the standings table will get more votes than those in the top half.

Your available votes also carry over between rounds so spend them wisely. If the vote is going the way you want, then it could be a good idea to keep hold of your votes and spend them on an upcoming round.

Spend them straight away or keep hold of them? Risk vs Reward, your call.

Loadout & Matchmaking
Before you start racing against others you’ll need to specify what cars you have within your loadout. You’re going to need to pick one race and one off-road car to take with you into the Speedlist. You’ll then be placed into a multiplayer session with players using cars of similar Performance Level (what you may have seen referred to previously as Tier) rating to yours.

If you select the Ranked option (as opposed to Casual) you’ll also have an additional criteria effecting your matchmaking placement, your determined skill rating. Keep winning and you’ll find yourself increasing in ranks, but perform badly and you’ll find yourself dropping down. 


Multiplayer Ranks

Student Driver
Sunday Driver 1
Sunday Driver 2
Sunday Driver 3
Joy Rider 1
Joy Rider 2
Joy Rider 3
Street Racer 1
Street Racer 2
Street Racer 3
Pro Wheelman 1
Pro Wheelman 2
Pro Wheelman 3

Playing Speedlists is a great way for you to earn some rewards, from performance parts, to bank and REP.

Performance Parts have a chance to be awarded to everyone who takes part, and finishes a Speedlist. It doesn’t matter if you win or come last, you’re still going to have a chance of winning a new part. However, coming in first will increase you a higher chance of winning a part.

This will ensure that you don’t have to be among the best players to receive an award, and regardless of where you finish you’ll still find yourself progressing your car builds.

Alongside parts you’ll also earn yourself bank, which is going to come in handy for when you want to purchase new cars and fill up your garage. REP will also be earned, go out there and level up. The amount of Bank and REP you’re rewarded will be based on your final position within the Speedlist. Place higher, earn more.

If you’re playing in Ranked mode there’s also an Underdog Bonus. This bonus awards you extra REP if you play against others with an underpowered car. Earn this and you’ll know that your skill has set you apart from the rest.

If you missed the last Under the Hood, then check it out as we showcased Air Suspension, confirmed wreck cameras can be turned off and more.

Stay Tuned

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