Graveyard Shift

Race Tier 1

What are Street Leagues?

The street leagues of Fortune Valley stand between you and the Outlaw’s Rush. Crush their unique races and events, then go toe-to-toe with each league’s boss to get one step closer to victory.

Fortune Valley Desert and Mountains

Base of Operations


League Style

La Catrina

League Boss


When you ride a hundred miles an hour, every decision is life and death.

About Graveyard Shift

Racers from the Graveyard Shift borrow heavily from Día de Muertos ("Day of the Dead") imagery. Their cars are adorned with flashy *calavera*-style skulls and bones, as well as Mexican-style *milagros*.

About the Boss

The leader of the Graveyard Shift is a woman known as "La Catrina," the name of a famous Day of the Dead figure in Mexican folklore. The daughter of a Fortune Valley mortician, she always races with full "calavera" makeup and black clothes.

The Silver Six

Street League #3

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